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What is the Best Diet For Acne? Get Your Facts Straight Now

Do you wonder what is the best diet for acne? If you have acne then it is very important to know what you need to eat and what you cannot eat if you want clear skin. Diet is a major contributor to your acne problem. Read on for details on what is the best diet for acne.

So Many Choices ... Which Is Right?

Raw diet diets, low carb diets, Atkins diets, vegetarian diets, vegan diets, detox, and more. Of the hundreds of different diets that people swear by, how in the world do we know which one is best for acne? Well, we wouldn't know. We can all live on most diets. I don't have a specific diet for you, but I have general guidelines that you should follow if you want to have clear skin within a reasonable period of time.

First, we need to talk about diets that are bigger than what you eat. That contributes to modern-day killer diseases.

The Western Diet - Get Off It Now

Thanks to the large population of the United States (I am one of the people born and now living here) the industrial revolution affects millions of people every year. Processed foods and non-organic foods are inherently embarrassing to this country.

Injection of cows with growth hormones, antibiotics and more produces more food. I understand that. However, these foods contribute to many diseases. Acne is one of them. Foods that are not grown organically are less nutritious and some recognize them as fake foods, or false foods. The chicken pot in the cage without any room for movement is wrong.

Don't blame me here ... I like chicken. I'm a big eater and have eggs. However, only organically, free of raised chickens. I am now only buying fully preserved eggs. Eggs where chickens are free to roam on large grass farms, eat healthy grass and thus provide us with more nutritious and leaner protein. And, 100% grass fed beef is healthier, tasty, and more fun than conventional beef.

Then they processed the food. In fact, it's not food. Corn dogs, pizzas, TV dinners (what a joke), cakes, pancakes, breads, and thousands of other foods that are harmful to your health. You need to avoid processed foods from today. Do it for your health!

This western diet causes rapid blood sugar fluctuations, hormone imbalances, liver problems, constipation, and many other problems. All of which leads to acne and other ailments that we make ourselves.

Okay ... So What Should You Eat?


I suggest going back to how we first ate when we arrived on Earth. We are hunters and gatherers. We eat lots of vegetables, fruits, animal foods, and nuts and grains. Everything is wild and naturally inviting. To me, paleo-based diets, also known as primal, cave people, etc. make the most sense because that's how we adjust.

Also, there isn't much cooking during the day. This is where raw food has its place. I do not believe 100% raw food diet is feasible for everyone, but eating about 75% of raw food is ideal. Cook chicken, beef, lamb, and more. Cook your fish if you like but add some sushi. Eat all the raw fruits and eat most of your raw vegetables. If you want them to be warm with your food, then they will slowly strengthen it.

Eat lots of coconut. Coconut has amazing healing power. Seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, are a good source of protein, have good omega 3 for omega 6 fatty acid ratio, are very versatile, and are easy to pack in bulk.

In addition, avoid most, if not all of the grains. Avoid dairy at all costs as it has a ridiculous amount of links to acne. If you enjoy cereals, slowly eliminate them from your diet. I recommend avoiding all gluten cereals first. I now enjoy Irish steel scissors 1-2 times a week. I don't eat any other grains regularly.

The Diet seems to be clear now ... What About Other Areas?


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