Sex Education And Children

The beginning of sexual awareness "Dad, why is the sky blue?" "Mummy, where's the sunset at night?" And t...

The beginning of sexual awareness

"Dad, why is the sky blue?" "Mummy, where's the sunset at night?" And then suddenly, like a bolt of blue - "Mummy, where's the baby coming from?" These questions usually leave embarrassing parents ashamed and try to pass the money on to other parents. Teaching children the facts of life, telling them about birds and bees, is something most parents are not comfortable with. In fact, this is a very narrow view of sex education. It is not just having a private talk with your child or giving them a book or lecturing at a school complete with diagrams. Sex does not begin and end with intercourse. Sex is arguably the most intimate way in which men and women are related to one another. However, it is only one aspect of the relationship between men and women. In fact, children learn about sexuality from the time they see the difference between men and women. They also get signals from the different ways parents interact with their sons and daughters and the ways in which parents interact with each other. Therefore, children whose parents have bad marriages will find it difficult to contemplate that sexual relations are built on love and mutual respect.

"Where did the baby come from?"

Parents can expect ' afraid of ' questions about the origin of the baby at the age of three. The question arises from natural curiosity. Parents should keep in mind that the three-year level of understanding is relatively simple. Children are too young to understand the concept of sexuality. The child may be satisfied if the mother says the baby grows in a special place in her body called the uterus or uterus and comes out after nine months. The next question might be - "How's the baby coming in?" The only way a child is aware of how things go is through eating. Therefore, a simple answer that explains that baby growing from small seeds grown in the womb should be sufficient. If the child wants to know the role of the father in this process, the mother can explain that the father puts the seed in the mother. As for how babies come out, children can be told that when the baby has grown enough inside the mother, it comes out of a special opening called the vagina. It may be a good idea to determine that these openings are different from those that drain and urinate.

Sex education is something that happens in stages. A three-year-old may be satisfied when he or she is told that the father provided the baby's growing seed. However, by the time he is five, he may want to know exactly how he got there. Here again, parents should remember to make it easy. After all, he's only five. Explain to him that the seed came out of his father's penis and was deposited in the womb where the baby would grow over the next nine months.

Some children do not address the topic. The parents of the child assume that their children are innocent. But most likely, the child's parents have made them feel, perhaps inadvertently, that the question of how the baby is made is somehow taboo and not open to discussion. Such parents should keep their ears open to indirect questions, clues and jokes that indicate that the child is curious but afraid to ask questions directly. For example, a boy may always feel sorry for his pregnant mother saying that she is fat or a little girl can ask her mother how their dogs have puppies. Parents need to be aware that their children cannot ask them questions directly and seize this opportunity to explain a little about human reproduction.

Some parents prefer fiction when it comes to having sex with their children. The common denominator of parenting is the ward or angel carrying the baby. Such stories tend to attack because the child can see evidence of a growing baby in his mother's stomach on a daily basis. The child quickly sensed that his parents were avoiding the issue and that he would soon find out the truth. Parents are in danger of losing their trust because they are not sure when they might choose to lie or tell him half the truth again. In addition, the question of how a baby is made captures the important importance highlighted by a parenting approach and parental encouragement. She got the message that the topic was embarrassing. Another result of this approach is that the child may hesitate to discuss the issues that may be affecting his or her parents in the future as he or she is unsure of the response he or she will receive.

Teenagers and sex

Parents who have passed "where did the baby come from?" The stage usually creates relief, thinking it's the end. But the topic of sex is bound to turn its head again when their children hit puberty. This is the stage in life when girls' breasts begin to grow, their hips expand and they begin to menstruate. The boys noticed an increase in their hair, their voices cracked, their penis and testicles growing, and they began to have night sweats or "wet dreams." Suddenly boys and girls become impossible to cope with. They are always sensitive and irritable, they seem to be well known for their opposites and playful rebels. This is the stage when most parents want their children to be babies again.

Most teens become very aware and sensitive about how they look and change in their body. Parents need to help their children adapt to their mature and sexually active bodies. This is the stage in life where children need to be informed about sexuality, sexual acts and their consequences. Some teens can address the topic directly or indirectly. Sometimes parents may take the initiative to discuss the matter. If, as a parent, someone is wrong about discussing such a personal topic with a child, tell them how you feel. This will put parents and children at ease.


Menstruation marks the onset of puberty in girls. Sometimes girls start having sex before they are told or realize what it means. We can only imagine how a young girl would feel when she found out she was bleeding and had no idea what was going on. That is why mothers discuss menstruation and its implications with their daughters when they expect the girls to start menstruation. The tone that mothers take when talking about menstruation will affect their daughter's health. attitude towards him. Some mothers describe it as a curse; some moms are shy and use 'em. code words' to refer to it, others emphasize that this is a ' it's fine. period for women. The fact is that menstruation is a normal body process and does not in any way prevent women from exercising regularly. Although some women experience cramps, bloated feelings and soft breasts, these symptoms are rarely enough to lead an unstable life. When a girl is on the threshold of a woman, she should not be scared, shy or angry. Mothers should tell their daughters that menstruation is a weed, a part of growing up and something to be desired.

Night release

Once men have reached puberty, they begin to have erections and release nights. It is important that they realize that this is normal and not shy. Night sweats or "wet dreams" are the result of semen ejaculation during sleep which is often caused by sexual dreams. They may also have a strong urge to masturbate. All of this is very natural. Parents need to be careful that they do not give their sons or daughters the feeling that masturbation and erotic dreams are "dirty" or inappropriate. The more important parents are, the healthier their children will be.

It's not just physical

It is important that children are made to understand the emotional aspects of sex. Therefore, while most schools usually hold talks on the topic, these lectures tend to be quite clinical and non-personal and confine themselves to physical sex. Teenagers need to understand that the decision to be sexually active cannot be casual. The first sexual experience of a person is an important personal event and should occur when he or she is prepared for it. Parents should explain to their children that they may be attracted to some person in their life, some may be infatuated while others may develop into long-term relationships. Adolescents should realize that their bodies are what they see as they want to be and after a good assessment. However, they should not have sex or engage in any other form of physical contact under the pressure of others, or to please others. There is a common misconception among parents that open communication about sexual feelings and actions will have the potential to increase the likelihood of young people becoming sexually active. Instead, parents who talk about sex openly, naturally, only provide their children with the knowledge they need so that every time they decide they are ready to be sexually active, they will make the right decisions and understand the consequences. Many children go through life with perverted ideas about sex simply because their parents are too shy to talk about it. These children are allowed to gather little or no information from friends, books and media and the conclusions they draw may not always be correct.




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Diet O Diet: Sex Education And Children
Sex Education And Children
Diet O Diet
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