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Psoriasis - The Mental and Emotional Issue and Solution

Like any psoriasis patient who knows just fine, psoriasis is not just a physical illness. Therefore, its effects are not limited to our meat. True, the external manifestations of psoriasis appear in our skin, but the disease goes deeper into us than our skin. It also affects our mental and emotional well-being.

Interestingly, we may feel that these effects on our mental and emotional state, from the outside, are unknown. But does this really happen? Let me present an example of an irrelevant hypothesis, and then we can analyze how this example relates to psoriasis, and our quest for a more complete cure.

Let's say a woman keeps saying, "I don't care about men, they don't like talking to me or being in my company." What will he do, without realizing it? His body will obey his mind! When she is in a group of people, and a man is present, her body will react exactly to what she keeps telling herself! His body language will show that he is neither approachable nor a good communicator. He can change a bit or fold his arms all over his body She can't wear it. fake smiles, or don't look men in the eye when he talks to them or they to him. He probably didn't really pay attention to what they were saying. He may be joking about making the cut, or putting people down when he talks. What happen? Man of this notice, avoid him and don't get involved in his conversation! Just like he keeps telling himself! It just keeps the vicious cycle and reinforces in his mind how unattractive he is! This in turn affects more of his actions, which in turn reinforces negative thinking, and so on and ...

How does this example relate to psoriasis patients? More importantly, what can be done about it?

The point is that both conscious and subconscious mind influence the actions of the body. In the example above, the mind of a conscious woman ("I am not attractive to men") acts as a directive to her subconscious mind. Instead, his subconscious is carrying out this command. This is reflected in women's body language and actions. The woman, however, was completely unaware of the mind-body connection. He may think he's acting in an approachable way!

It can be similar to psoriasis patients. He may be aware of psoriasis, and develop a negative or negative attitude. It shows itself in a body language that, unknowingly by the individual for months or years or negative reinforcement, is clearly observed by others - job interviewers, potential customers, supervisors, and others. The sufferer may conclude that he lost his job, sale or promotion due to psoriasis, when in fact, it was his own body language that failed him!

So, what's the solution? Enough, any program intended to cure, cure or cure psoriasis should involve more than releasing the physical manifestations of the disease. It has to reach within itself. This is where the latest therapy goes, and the program fails. No pills, lotions, herbs, ointments or other psoriasis medications are available.

There is one program, however, designed to cure both the physical and mental aspects of psoriasis. A link to this program, "4 Keys to Cleansing Psoriasis" can be found at the link below.

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