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Low Carb Diets That Work - The #1 Mistake That Will Sabotage Your Diet

I must admit that I've always been a fan of low-carb diets. My personal training clients always come to me for dietary advice, and I often recommend low carb diets. Unfortunately, some of them do not obey ALL of my dietary guidelines. The result is that they experience frequent plateaus, and weight loss is inconsistent. I generally find that most of them make this big mistake!

When consuming any diet, there is a period of time when an individual follows the plan, and does not lose any weight. These frustrating times are often referred to as highlands.

Most highlands are due to fluid retention, especially if sodium (salt) intake is NOT reduced during the diet. Water is often maintained beneath the surface of the skin.

At the lowest functioning carbohydrate diet, patients tend to lose a significant amount of water during the early stages of their diet. Generally, for the first 2 weeks or so. The reason for this fluid loss is that carbohydrates act as "dams" for body fluids. When carbohydrates are drastically reduced, the body "dumps" water stored in body tissue.

However, after this initial weight loss, patients found that their weight loss was dramatically reduced. In fact, they can lose weight! This is due to the body's need to extract lost water during the early stages of the diet.

Mistakes made by patients generally do not drink enough water when starting a low carb diet. This also applies to a low-carb diet. Dieters MUST drink at least 8, full glasses of water daily, to reduce fluid retention.

It is interesting that consuming more water prevents water retained. This is because the kidneys work "overtime", constantly releasing water.

In addition to getting information on the best diets, many of my clients want to know the best treatment for getting rid of cellulite. After researching online, I found only 1 treatment that could really be described as a "breakthrough."

So what is the best diet AND the best treatment for cellulite?


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