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Hypnotherapy Proven Effective for Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS

Ask anyone who deals with Irritable Intestinal Syndrome (IBS), it is not only painful and debilitating but it is a condition that medical organizations seem to have low success rates for treating or relieving. In some cases, affected people have been told by some doctors that they should follow a high-fiber diet, when it is known to make symptoms worse. An approach has been successful from the beginning but hypnotherapy has been the only approach to attacking one of the causes, stress.

More than 10 years of scientific research has shown that hypnotherapy is an effective alternative to reducing symptoms of bowel syndrome. 75 to 80% of people who use hypnotherapy regularly get positive results. Hypnotherapy often presents itself as a reliable supplement to modern medicine for its use in relieving pain, this is just one of the components that help the bowel syndrome suffer in this case.

Another reason hypnotherapy works well with intestinal syndromes is the simple fact that clients relieve and let us have excessive tension increases blood circulation to the intestines and in fact the whole body. Pressure tends to hinder this normal blood flow to the area and cause additional pressure, pressure, tension and pain. Along with some pain management techniques and teaching clients to mimic work done clinically by teaching them to use my own hypnosis method has developed clients able to maintain a new leisure time. These more relaxed customers can start to notice better digestion and easier movement of the food through the intestines. It is still advisable that the client continue to consult his doctor even after all the symptoms have subsided with your condition when the symptoms disappear but it will be important to maintain a low level of stress and a healthy diet to prevent the symptoms of severe bowel syndrome from returning or to other stress conditions related to growth. After learning about stress and pain relief techniques, clients can also apply it to other aspects of their life with stress, illness or body related problems.

Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD, head of the National Women's Health Network in Washington, DC, said "Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) should be the treatment of choice for cases of bowel syndrome that do not respond to conventional therapy." In this regard, I would suggest that it may benefit everyone with IBS as it has not been shown to interfere with conventional treatment one way or another.

In addition to maintaining a healthy level of stress and diet, exercise and various relaxation techniques can help. From Yoga and Tai-chi to simple hobbies, maintaining low stress will always benefit your overall health.

I was amazed when I got my first client to come see me for IBS, I thought I could help with the symptoms and although I would help deal with the pain I would not be able to help with the actual situation. I then had to research the matter and was amazed to see some call it "Nervous Colon". I reminded myself of the popular hypnosis concept that says "Whatever stress causes, hypnosis will help get better." And that understanding makes me excited to see what I can do to help my clients! After a few sessions, my client returned to me with a thank-you card and a doctor's note about her condition. This is what hypnotherapy needs to hear, which is no longer needed.


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