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How to Use the Sugar Busters Diet - The Do's and Don'ts

If you are thinking of trying out Diet Busters Diet here are a few points to consider. It is recommended that about 40% of your daily calorie intake comes from fiber sources, favored by high fiber along with low glycemic carbohydrates. 30% of your diet should come from high quality protein and around 30% but can be as high as 40% of fat that should be from one type of fat or another.

Along with these suggestions is also a list of products you should avoid eating at all costs and these are as follows:

White bread that is a type of product containing white flour. White rice, white sugar, white flour are any products that contain extra sugars (non-canned soft drinks), jellies and jellies as well as some high-glycemic fruits like raisins, pineapple and bananas as well as some vegetables such as white potatoes , beet and parsnips as well as corn.

Foods that you can go on and get the green light for eating busters are things like almost all of the above mentioned fruits and vegetables including things like legumes, low fat dairy products and whole grain products. Any kind of food is fine as long as they are not processed and added in sugar. Avoid processed foods and try to stick to the natural foods you provide. That way, you know what you're getting.

You can eat lean meat to remove the skin from chicken and reduce excess fat from beef or pork. Fish is a great super food so knock yourself out with this one; this includes any kind of seafood. You can also eat whole eggs but avoid anything that is coated with flour such as fish coated with bread. Butter is OK in small quantities and so is cheese, remember that you cannot consume more than 10% in saturated fat in your daily diet.

Another great tip while on the diet of sugar busters is to eat smaller portions throughout the day. So instead of three big meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, try spreading the food for six smaller meals. It has two major benefits, one level of your blood sugar being constant until you feel full, and secondly it will prevent you from eating too much. It also means your body is more efficient at burning calories as it will do more throughout the day.

Now drinking alcohol is allowed on the diet of sugar busters but it is better to say only one glass of alcoholic beverage is said to be served. Caffeine is also allowed but try and hold only 2-3 cups a day or even less surely.

Nowadays all diets can be difficult to follow and you need a little help along the way to keep you straight and narrow. A better way to achieve your goals in your diet is to have a proper plan for you to follow, which is why I urge you to look at the following pages. Not only do you have an action plan to follow that will educate you along the way but everything is laid out for you, so you don't have to think. If you seriously lose a few pounds, take a look at the Everloss System. You won't regret me no. Click here for more information!


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