How to Deal With the Top 5 Annoying People at the Gym

Gym is a great place to exercise for many reasons. For me, it's because of the weight and the free equipment and the rugged atmosphere t...

Gym is a great place to exercise for many reasons. For me, it's because of the weight and the free equipment and the rugged atmosphere that I find very encouraging.

The problem with working in a gym is, after all, public places. This means that when you decide to sign up for a gym membership, you need to be with other gym members and deal with whatever privileges they may have. This can be very challenging especially when you are in the gym working hard to work out your stomach and the presence of some people making it difficult for you to do so.

I've seen how many people give up going to the gym or quit their training program because of some bad meetings they have at the gym. Moving from one gym to another is not helpful as some of these annoying people are everywhere.

In today's post, I'll list some of the 5 most annoying people you might see in the gym and how you can deal with it - if you have to.

The Chatterbox:

Every gym has at least one of them. These individuals (sometimes some of them) go to the gym mainly for socializing, bitching, gossip and basically doing nothing but exercising. This person will talk to you between sets and if you get caught up in the conversation, you'll keep track of your break. Then your body and muscles get cold and you are no longer in the zone to lift your next set. Your training is ruined.

Sometimes these people will gossip about you - your clothes, your body parts, your exercise techniques, and so on - and will intentionally let you hear them. It makes you aware of yourself and you lose focus.

While there is nothing wrong with socializing, we must lose our main reason for going to the gym. Having a long rest period can affect the intensity of your training and your focus on the next set. This is definitely not what you want to achieve especially if you work out to reduce your stomach. Remember, you can socialize after your workout.

Solution: If you know the person, try saving the chat within a minute or so of your regular break. If the conversation goes beyond, gradually take the next training position, smile and continue with your workouts. Most people will get a point.

If they talk about you, look at them and make sure they see you. Let them know you heard it and continue your exercise. Who gives a shit about what other people think? It's your job!

The Hogger:

People at my gym are generally very friendly and willing to share their equipment between sets. But sometimes we have one or two of these weird people who just won't share and work hard to complete the training before anyone can use it.

If they have a few more sets, that's fine. What is unforgivable is that they put in the equipment for the wrong training. Don't know what I mean? For example:

Imagine someone hitting a rack to make a biceps curl with an Olympic bar. Because they need a squat rack because they can rest the bar on the shelf so it's easier for them to take it to the next set ... (long pause for effect). And by the way, if you think this is a strong person who needs an Olympic bar to gain weight, you can't go wrong. They only fill the empty bar.

Hoggers aren't just limited to the weight part. The worst Hoggers are those on the treadmill. Because it is not possible to share a treadmill, users should be more attentive and aware of the time they spend on the machine. While it is clearly stated that each user is limited to 30 minutes on the treadmill, there is a constant, completely unaware of the person waiting behind. And these bushes, some of which have good newspapers laid out in front of them as they walk on the treadmill while holding ...

When you patiently wait for your turn on the treadmill, killing is currently inevitable.

Solution: If they use the machine for any training other than what it is intended to, politely inform them that there is a replacement machine to use. This usually works. If not, ask them to share. Losing weight will eventually make one party give up. Usually it's them.

The Moaner:

I'm sure you can find one of these in every gym, too. Their voices echo throughout the gym. You know exactly when they will start their set and when their set will end. They find themselves weeping over the war that puts New Zealand All Blacks to shame because they lift their weight (or the weight they put on them), and throughout the set, groan, groan and moan until they end up at the last iteration before dropped their weight on the floor.

Whether these people are really trying to ruin themselves or they are looking for attention, their strong insanity and screams of war are a distraction to everyone at the gym. Imagine if everyone in the gym started doing this? Others may mistake the gym as a Taekwondo dojo or, worse, an adult venue disguised as a gym.

Solution: You can try telling them to keep it. But I tried and it didn't work. So get an iPod or a pair of ear plugs. I like the way my friends work, which is to work out next to them and complain louder.

The Big Bully:

A nightmare for both coaches and gymnasts, The Great Bullies are unforgettable. Walking with arms floating as if they had potatoes in their armpits, this large muscle head shared many of the features with Hogger and Moaner. They use your equipment between sets without asking and they never return any weight they use.

At worst they even criticize your exercise technique without giving you any real clues.

Most of these muscle heads are just the majority of pure muscles without definition. There's a stomach too. But they walk around thinking that everyone should be amazed by their incredible muscles.

Solution: Large Bully Handling requires extra care. Remember to always be polite because these are the closest things we need to live between us. Maybe the only station you won't be able to use is Big Bullies using a treadmill and abs machine. But if a big bully suddenly uses your equipment without asking, wait for him to finish the set, then politely tell him, "Allow sharing between sets", when you care. If he stops you or starts giving you an aggressive look, no problem. Move on to the next weight. Let him have it. It's not worth it. Are you watching the Unfortunate Planet? Just let the primate be his toy.

The Army Ants:

Usually in groups of at least seven or eight, these people are like military ants, destroying every machine, treadmill and heavy load they set. If they do push the dumbbell, you can be sure that almost all the weight on the shelf will be lost. These guys usually belong to a specific sports team and have decided to bring half of their squad to training at the local gym.

Their annoying presence at the gym is obvious and even exaggerated when they are there during peak hours. If your gym is as small as I am, you can wait for the ant to finish exercise or get ready to wait 5 minutes between sets.

Solution: Army ant or not, you're already at the gym. So get your exercise done! If they use the equipment you plan to use, either look for alternatives or train other body parts first. There is no equipment to share with the army ant because you are finally wasting time waiting to do your set.

Ok, I threw this last group not because they were really annoying, but the way they trained was a waste of time and I've seen groups like these three gyms I've been to.

The Bench Press Boys:

There is this group of four to five overweight teenagers who go to the gym regularly. I've seen them train one body part.


I've seen them do one exercise - the bench press. Well, you can't blame them. The obsession with having a big chest is not limited to women. Having a big chest makes one look amazing for having big arms. The good thing is, at least they choose the free weight on the machine. But when they start to lose weight, everything goes very wrong.

They used too much weight for them from the first set. The boy doing the exercise had a place behind him, to his left and to his right. The scene looks almost like a pit crew running a pit stop at a motorcycle event. What's even more funny is the boy doing the exercise continues to gain weight on the next set. As his mind struggles to help him through his final set, he seems to have conquered Mount Everest and with extreme satisfaction.

These boys don't hurt anyone except sometimes if you really need to use the bench; you'll have to wait for them to get 10 sets of their benches, respectively.

Resolution: Well, they don't offend anyone. But if you need to use a bench, ask politely to share the bench. When they see you lift more of them and they give you "Whoa! Awesome!" See, you can give them some clues and correct bench press techniques.

When dealing with any of the five annoying people above, the key thing to keep in mind is to always be polite. Don't use aggression even if you are bigger and stronger than other men. Treat the gym user with respect and you will be rewarded in return.




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Diet O Diet: How to Deal With the Top 5 Annoying People at the Gym
How to Deal With the Top 5 Annoying People at the Gym
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