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How Much Protein Do You Get Or Consume on the Medifast Diet?

Essentially, medifast is a low carb diet. I find that many people are quite surprised by this, myself included. I used to think that this was your basic low calorie, strict diet, but there was a bit more to it. All foods are high in protein and fiber, while low in carbohydrates and sugars. This is the formula that puts your body into fat burning mode and is a very important part of this equation. The other day, I had someone ask me exactly how much of each part of the equation you take on each day that you were on the medifast. I'll answer that in the following article.

Menu Medifast Menu With Daily Protein Content: Perhaps the easiest way to make a point is to go to a normal day on the medifast and then think of daily content from there.

Below is a sample menu with protein, fiber, sugar and calorie content (in grams.) Keep in mind that each day you will take five smaller meals and you will make one "lean and green" meal on your own. You have some freedom with this and you can make your own choices. However, the company does give you some guidance. They want you to eat lean meat or vegetable alternatives and they want you to eat three servings of greasy-friendly vegetables.

Food --------------------- Protein ------------------- Fiber ------- ----------------------- Sugar ----------------- Calories ----

Oatmeal --------------------- 11 ----------------------- 5 --- -------------------------------- 1 ----------------- ------- 110

Chocolate Shake ------------- 11 ----------------------- 3 ---------- ------------------------- 9 ------------------------ 90

Chile ------------------------- 11 ----------------------- 5 ----------------------------------- 1 ------------- ----------- 110

Crunch Bar ------------------ 12 ----------------------- 4 ----- ------------------------------ 2 ------------------- ----- 110

Lean And Green Meal ------- This varies, depending on the dish you choose .----------------------

Chip cinnamon -------------- 4 ------------------------ 1 -------- --------------------------- 3 ---------------------- --70

As you can see, on this typical day, we used 49 grams of protein, 18 fiber, 15 sugars, and 490 calories. However, we do not yet know the slender and the green. There are many options here and as long as you eat a small portion of meat or meat substitutes and 3 servings of vegetables, you are fine. Some people will do this fried. Some will make a casserole or one serving dish. And, some will do more traditional food with side items. No matter how you cut it, they want you to eat 5 - 7 ounces of meat or substitutes. In general, each ounce will contain 7 grams of protein. So if you have six percent ounce, you will take 42 grams. Add this to the smaller diet you have eaten and you have a total of 91.

It's very close to diets like South Beach and Atkins where most people will target about 100. As you can see, you get a huge amount of protein that shouldn't be a problem for you in fat burning (ketosis) mode unless you cheat a lot on the food is lean and green and contains carbohydrates at that time.


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