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Easy Weight Loss - The Importance of Choosing a Diet You Can Stick With

It's amazing to me how many people start a diet without really thinking about whether or not they'll be able to maintain that diet until they gain weight. Many people start eating weird gymnastics like "The Diet Cabbage Soup" with the intention of losing a lot of weight. The problem is, of course, that no one can stick with such an old-fashioned approach.

It is important to consider the "easy factor" when choosing a new diet. Why start something that won't be done? I think one of the most important criteria you should look for in a new diet program is whether you will be able to survive it.

What to look for

1. Diet that does not include calorie count. Counting calories may seem like a good idea, but it gets really messy and it also keeps your mind focused on food all the time. That looks like a recipe for disaster to me.

2. Nutrition that does not require you to keep a food journal. As if counting these calories just makes the diet drag. You always think about food when you keep a food journal. It may be good to know what you are eating but I think on the other hand there are situations where you are actually "too aware" of what you are eating.

3. A diet that includes built-in "holidays" from your diet. This is important. Researchers have found that taking regular "days off" from your diet actually speeds up your metabolism and makes you lose weight faster. It also, of course, makes your diet easier when you get a regular break from it! But it's important that you choose a plan that has a "cheat day" built into it. Don't try to add a "cheat day" to a plan that doesn't include one. That won't work out (and may actually cause you anxiety.) I wouldn't consider a diet that doesn't include "holidays." This is the key to losing weight in my opinion.

4. Nutrition that can be downloaded immediately. This is an internet age and that means there's no reason to wait. You should be able to download your diet program 24/7/365. Don't think of a program that you can't access too fast. It's time to get started. Now!

5. A diet that includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why bother with a design that doesn't even trust itself enough to offer full assurance?


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