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Easy Diets to Follow: Number 1 - The Red Wine Diet!

I read a recent article on a study by David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School on the benefits of red wine. He found the result surprising. Sinclair says he usually focuses on improving one illness at a time. As I did not say Harvard I had to see this - basically not just a disease, the study showed that red wine can increase the chances of healthy living in a large area. But it does have one drawback, which reminds me of old jokes. I'll tell you later. Take a look at this study.

I have no doubt that the team at Harvard is at the forefront of their field but if, like me, you stumble upon the words 'improve' then we'll put the report in easy, regular conversation with Joe.

Red wine is red because they use red wine skin. Red wine skin contains Resveratrol.

Resveratrol has been shown to provide stronger bones, healthier hearts, less cataracts and better balance and coordination. However, you may find that drinking two bottles of red wine may not help your balance and coordination - so it must be taken lightly which I fear! From an easy-to-follow diet, this should be the best, right?

Now for weakness. Although tests show that red wine will make you healthier, it won't make you live longer. Yes, so far studies have been done on mice and not humans. After all the Harvard team might be the Ivy League instead of the Igor league - let's leave the human experiment to the mad scientist in the Gothic palace. But the interesting evidence - you may not live longer but your life will be healthier - reminds me more of the joke.

A man was told by a doctor that he only had 6 months to live. The man begged him to ask what he could do about it?

The doctor answered "Give alcohol, sex, tobacco, meat, caffeine, TV and any form of pleasure."

The man asked, "Will this make me live longer?"

"No, this will make you think you've lived longer."

A joke may not make you smile, but it does raise a serious question - quality or quantity. We all want a long life but we are going to change our human lives, to say life is long but in an unexpected way? - trees for example. I don't think many will.

My philosophy is, "Less = More". This does not mean that I was organizing a short life full of fun and driven by drinks and drugs like some tragic rock star. No, I believe that less effort can sometimes result in bigger results.

Harvard people might be onto something, then. One glass (or two!) Of red wine a day will make us healthier.

Now that's what I call a diet for men!


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