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7 IBS Treatment Tips

Chronic Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects millions of people in the United States alone, for these people, living with this problem can be uncomfortable and debilitating at the worst of times. Although there is no real treatment for IBS, there are methods that can be used to help manage the symptoms. The following information will give you some ideas on how to choose to control the disease, and vice versa.

1- Before you decide to use any type of alternative IBS treatment, it is important that you consult with your doctor. This is the only way to determine if you are healthy enough to release some medicines that can also be used for your use. This is an important step when you consider any major changes to your current lifestyle.

2- In a recent study, small, independent, showed that 71% of participants experienced a reduction in IBS symptoms when they started taking peppermint oil capsules. It has long been passed down through the generation of pucermint that calms the itchy stomach and for some IBS patients, it also reduces their symptoms.

3- Changing your diet to exclude animal products may be a wise choice when considering IBS treatments to try. Many animal products, including milk, cheese and meat, are difficult for the body to digest and can cause symptoms of IBS.

4- Stress can be a major factor to consider when trying to control your IBS symptoms. Stress can do strange things to the human body and IBS is one of them. It has been estimated that 60% of IBS patients benefit from hypnosis to reduce daily stress. Many people also report reduced levels of stress using acupuncture; Lower stress levels tend to lead to lower incidence of IBS as well.

5- Cutting down foods that are known to cause moisture is also a great way for many people with IBS to avoid some symptoms. For example, cutting the amount of broccoli, cabbage and some nuts is a great IBS treatment option. Because gas is a major factor in many of the pain associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, anything that reduces the amount of gas helps in combating this painful condition.

- There is also a growing group of IBS patients who rely on weekly water enema to help ease their IBS system. While this may not be at the top of your personal list of IBS treatment options, it may help to keep it in the back of your mind for later.

- Like anything else, it is important for you to examine whether the above IBS treatment options. You need to know how it will affect your medical condition and your personal life. It may be wise to join a support group in your area as well; this will give you relationships with others who are also seeking IBS treatment.


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