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Where The Healing Starts

Baby crying. The baby cries out loud. Why not?

If a baby doesn't cry when it comes to this world there may be a problem! There might be a big problem. The baby may die upon delivery. Oh no!

Oh yeah! Babies born at birth are a huge loss to parents and families. This is known as a distant birth.

He, he or she, if there is more than one, should not be initially welcomed into the world with a smile, a gift, a house or a dollar to guarantee the enormous costs associated with a healthy and good life. No, the benefits of smiles, joy, these gifts are not the first and immediate priority when it comes to the world.

Child life is a priority that should be cherished, cherished, cherished and celebrated. It is a child's life; (life breath) is a precious gift and that life must be passed on to the children and their parents with a weeping, weeping joy.

So set the baby, make the baby cry if he or she doesn't cry. This is important for welcoming babies into the world. Therefore, do not call the police or the Child Care Agency for significant pain or multiple blows by doctors, midwives or others deemed necessary.

Therefore, from the day you and I were born we will continue to feel pain and we will cry. Feeling, weeping and suffering confirm the life within and between the living. Needless to say, the dead cannot feel pain so that the weeping individual must cry aloud as they enter this world.

Why not? Why not? Why not?

Really, why do we have to cry when it comes to this world? To put it simply, to live our lives in the midst of life requires crying and the airways we need to be clear.

Baby airways are a way to breathe and communicate with the sounds and sounds of their lives. Basically, we will always have a reason to cry in this world as human beings. Complaints, pain, frustration, betrayal, frustration, family, friends, and other events and circumstances of life will cause us to weep and weep and weep!

In fact, a picture can say a thousand words. Meanwhile, the picture can depict a beautiful portrait of a newborn in the arms of his loving mother. Her smile may be represented with joy but in her body she suffers a great deal of pain related to child transmission. Despite the pain the mother celebrates the birth of her child with joy as she needs healing to begin. As a result, she strives to recover in an effort to gain strength to look after her children, husband and self.

However, as we live in the sophisticated modern days, mothers can potentially lose their lives before and after childbirth without medical treatment or midwives. Furthermore, pregnancy and childbirth affect the female body in many ways involving hormonal changes and more. And some mothers may experience various diseases such as high blood pressure and others. God knows mothers are very special individuals who sacrifice and care for their children. For this reason, mothers are respected and appreciated throughout the world for who they are and what they do for their children.

Needless to say, the father is important and necessary in the conception of the child and it is the father who determines the child's sexuality. In addition, parents are responsible for supporting, raising and guiding their children or children for adulthood. Most supportive, loving and caring fathers tend to also feel hurt and hurt for their wives' pain and suffering before, during and after delivery. In the meantime, the baby will continue to cry on his way home. Babies will cry for a variety of reasons including: hunger, humidity, gas pain and more. Of course, the baby will cry and cry constantly in an effort to communicate his or her needs to parents and guardians so he or she can communicate through verbal communication.

Humans should clearly recognize that we should all cry as human beings when they enter this world. Everyone must feel pain and be exposed to emotional, physical or mental pain throughout their life. Needless to say, humans cannot avoid pain and therefore will always need healing to begin in their heart, body, mind and soul over and over again. This is the true essence and essence of human existence. Therefore, it is important to realize that while others may be living in a perfect picture, there is no pain and suffering that is certainly not the case.

In essence, we affirm that we are created with real feelings that are essential to our survival, well-being and well-being. Our feelings affect our hearts and beyond our hearts is the issue of life, according to the Bible. Someone said "We are married to our highest priority". Yes we are! That is the desire of our hearts that we seek. Humans are connected to their feelings through their thoughts and their thoughts through their actions. And each action sets the motion sequence of the domino effect in motion. Can you imagine how much of a domino effect it is going through to date including past and present actions?

As a result, the feeling of pushing people as humans drives their society around the world. Feelings are very real and important to people's lives that involve their instincts and survival instincts. In addition, feelings are associated with sensory and sensory impulses that send messages to the brain and spinal cord. However, should the human body suffer from accidental injury or damage to the nervous system, it can slowly repair itself; If possible, depending on the location of the damage to the brain or spinal cord. As a result, people need to be very careful while diligently protecting their body parts. Above all, prevention is the most important consideration in avoiding unnecessary harm to yourself as humans is a valuable and priceless commodity.

Without a doubt, injury or damage to the brain or spinal cord can contribute to physical and mental disabilities and challenges. Also, injury or damage to the brain and spinal cord can contribute to loss of motor function. As a result, the individuals involved will experience personal limitations to help themselves. Furthermore, deterioration in living standards will be affected.

Life exists within the scope of human feeling. These feelings can be strong, disturbed, bitter, angry, crazy, confused, happy, sad, excited and so on. Healing works best when an individual strives to overcome, control and manage his or her positive emotions. In addition, having support and support systems to help individuals during severe challenges contribute to effective healing and recovery.

Again, mood and mood management are very important as they stimulate the optimal healing process in the body cells along with a balanced diet, water and a peaceful atmosphere. Of course, healing cannot be effective among individuals who exist or co-exist in long-term lifestyles and unhealthy relationships. It does not benefit the well-being and well-being of individuals to survive internal and external negative conflicts of fear, bitterness, forgiveness problems, increased stress, poverty, poor nutrition and more.

Walls will fall if not well built among individuals and families as the foundation of life is built on finance that involves the costs associated with buying and selling. It is extremely unhealthy for individuals to experience prolonged financial hardship. Prolonged financial difficulties can contribute to mood, uncertainty, anxiety, infections, mood disorders, depression, high blood pressure, eating disorders, obesity, alcohol and more. Therefore, the words "easy" and "take care" are used daily at the local level and in the public.

Wow, people tend to look long-eyed while liking or admiring beautiful bodies that look good with good people. However, everyone including beautiful people, celebrities and cute kids are vulnerable and exposed to injuries, illnesses, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, they need healing from time to time throughout their lives. However, those most vulnerable to illness and disease are the poor and most of the people in the world are poor.

Today's poor people living in modern times experience a variety of factors that contribute to chronic illnesses and diseases not limited to: homelessness, travel and settlements. Contributing to stress may involve income and contracting marital contracts with negative domino effects going on in everyday life including children. Other stressors contributing are not limited to: inertia, anxiety, moral and ethical separation of society, lack of problem solving skills, lack of money management skills, poor problem solving skills and high cost of living. In addition, other contributing factors include: lack of medical coverage, lack of knowledge, lack of priorities and insufficient nutrition.

Adequate nutrition is essential for optimal functioning of the human body and mind because the human body is complex involving: the system, organs, tissues, blood, cells, arteries, veins and more. Furthermore, the human body is constantly striving to maintain balance. Balance involves a state of balance and it is very important, necessary and important for people to feel the balance in their lives. Balance contributes to a sense of fitness and well-being. And, when the balance is disturbed by prolonged emotional crises or mental disorders various illnesses can occur and manifest in the body that needs healing to begin.

Healing makes us alive and it is very important that the body is always supplied with the nutrients and other nutrients needed to prevent deficiencies, weak immune systems, autoimmune disorders and imbalances. The task of the body is to strive to optimally heal us through the immune system. And, every form of life especially human beings will experience the need for repeated healing throughout their lives. However, the biggest problem is not appreciating the miracle of healing because many people take healing for granted such as air, food, family friends and water. On the contrary, professional discipline and industry are not very healing. They are tailored to the short-term and long-term needs of people in the community. Therefore, they create a lucrative healing profession and are not limited to: Nursing, Physicians, Medicine, Pharmacies, clinics, healthcare facilities and more.

Our healing is a multi-trillion dollar industry a year and growing that creates jobs for our communities around the world. So, let's look at some of the factors that are causing the injury. One of the leading causes of injury among humans involves accidents and domestic situations. Injuries can result in high-risk behavior, car accidents, workplace accidents, airplane accidents, natural disasters, home accidents, public accidents and more. Again, healing can be gradual and can potentially begin at any time when the body is provided with optimal nutrients, medicines, medications and a safe environment to facilitate the healing process. Interestingly, the body was created amazingly for healing and the body is well equipped to heal naturally or assisted with treatment and therapy. However, each of us is different and at different times requires different aspects of healing to begin properly.

The healing needed involves: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical healing that is considered necessary and as experienced. Realistically, it is important to note that illness is a common process that occurs over time in the life of an individual who is vulnerable or exposed. Some individuals are born with certain diseases while others are exposed to the disease or various diseases and diseases related to their DNA. Therefore, it is important to understand that the disease process can be either inactive or inactive. When the disease is inactive, it is considered begnin (not cancerous). However, when the disease is active and cancerous, it is considered violent. It is interesting to note that the diseases were active in the beginning. Many factors can trigger the onset of the disease process, especially lifestyle, environment, lack of sleep and food choices. When the disease is active, they can easily and easily spread to other organs and cause severe problems and complications including death.

Some diseases and diseases often occur slowly in the human body due to stress, pollution, and other environmental and other factors. There are various stages of the disease process and stress is on the radar of the dangers that affect the human body especially the chronic stress and stress such as the loss of a loved one. Stress can be a silent killer at times and many may underestimate the seriousness of stress when others fully understand its effects and may try to suppress individuals into madness or death. Individuals may die immediately by shock or eventually through a long-term process while the severity of their effects or reactions.

In addition to stress, nutrition, pollution, family history, environmental factors contribute to the development of different stages of the disease including: early stage, middle stage and malignant stage. Malignant levels of cancer can be terminal if the body does not respond to treatment when diagnosed. Therefore, the disease process accumulates over a period of time, so it is important to maintain optimal optimum health through regular dietary and exercise planning. In fact, the individual acts collectively over time as it often takes time to be affected by illness or illness.

Again, uncertainty is a major contributing factor in the disease process. Contributing stress to the disease process include: environment, noise, jealousy, domestic, unemployment, poverty, anxiety, heavy workload, loss of loved ones, tragedy, natural disaster, negative emotional thinking, depression, anxiety and more. And today, we witness a mysterious illness. In addition, some people today in the modern day are developing up to six cancers in their body that cause death.

Therefore, it is important to know the factors that contribute to people who are exposed to injuries, illnesses, diseases, autoimmune disorders and others to know where healing begins. The major contributing factors are not limited to: lack of morals and ethical values, lack of integrity, weak state control, family dynamics, pollution, poverty, wars, the environment, stress, jealousy, maliciousness, marital breakdown, unemployment and more. Fortunately, there are enough resources in the world to assist in the day-to-day operations and survival of the family-based community unit. There are many parents, guardians, teachers, preachers, guidance counselors, marriage counselors, many of whom have become very wary, selfish and immune to wrongdoing, harassment and neglect. Such behavior is excluded by popular phrases if it feels good to do so.

Of course, they put Jesus Christ on the cross even though he did good, healed them, healed the sick, performed great miracles and raised their dead. What will people do to you? Where does your healing begin today? Babies should start crying at birth for all that comes along in their life. Slap the baby and make the baby scream in the beginning where healing begins? They tell us that light has come into the world, but humans prefer darkness over light because their practices are evil. "Deliver us from evil" is part of God's famous prayer for consideration.

Where healing begins clearly suggests that you save yourself as you have to work hard to be diligent with people including: family, friends and the government. The Bible refers to Jesus who represents the atonement for everyone if you believe in Jesus Christ, "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder." The government is on everyone's shoulders through tax collection. And, especially the poor and the poor are the target of the government because they are the grassroots of society. In addition, we can be sure of two things in the world - death and taxes.

In fact, the world has many resources including: taxpayers' money, food and water supplies to feed the poor and the world at large, but the poor do not have easy access to much of it. As a result, the poor are often challenged to access housing, education, clean air, clean water medicine, sanitary supplies, basic human needs and others for their welfare and well-being. Today, yesterday and since the beginning of time, many poor people live in bad or bad condition. Many individuals cannot exist while others have many foods and favors. Indeed, life does not mean that one is fully alive and holistic. Meanwhile, some rich people choose to waste food and goods rather than give to the poor and poor.

Yes, yes and yes, there is no doubt that the problems of the poor individuals can be serious and that the lives of the poor may be at stake and at risk in every country where the poor are poor. However, there is no permanent situation and coins can be set aside from rich to poor and poor to rich. Of course, poverty is a weapon that causes poverty, chaos and recurring crisis for the poor and most people are not happy to embrace it. Many poor people reject and reject poverty and will do whatever it takes to get out of poverty including: obtaining formal education, job opportunities, business opportunities, robbery, fraud, murder and more. Imagine countries that once were rich countries, have been raped and robbed of resources and today are still the ruins of the day of glory, peace and glory of the past. Today, many of these countries are starving or depleting their basic resources as a result of the ongoing British colonial influence. Meanwhile, greedy leaders are greedy and corrupt.

The truth of the gospel celebrates us in a unique and different way. And at different times we will need different healing areas to get it started properly. Consider someone in a family who needs another family member's blood for life-saving surgery but their blood group may be different. The healing needed varies considerably: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical healing are considered necessary.

Some people who work are working but their income is the minimum paid income. As a result, they cannot survive from paycheck to paycheck or paycheck to payday loans. Other people may rely on loans from friends, family or others. Such a person is considered by sociologists to be the "WORK OF WORK". And some poor people commit crimes for survival including stealing for their families and others to help their lives.

Pampers, baby food, adult food and other basic necessities are common stolen items from local department stores, plazas and shopping malls. Some seniors also steal at local grocery stores in an attempt to make a living. Other students can be seen at a local MacDonald restaurant enjoying their free coffee while some share a small hamburger with other parents. Fries, can they make fries? It's too expensive for pension income as a supplement to eat or share. No way, to buy extra fries or apple pie with the order. It's just out of the question. So, no thank you there won't be any fries added to senior food.

Of course, the unfortunate daily challenges of poor encounters include: children, orphans, and widows, unemployed, sick, veterans, mentally ill, physically challenged, single-family families and working poor. As a result, scholars from institutions of higher learning and formal education institutions have studied the effects of poverty on poor families and have recorded positive results. They have a documented supply of facts and figures about the poor; their communities include some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. Professionals who learn the knowledge of the poor and can do much harm with such ironic knowledge.

No wonder the most effective Healer, Jesus Christ has always led the lives of poor people in an effort to identify with many of the poor, poor, poor and needy people of the world to begin, all the while on earth. As a result, Jesus Christ states in the New Testament the following: "The poor will always be with you." He also told them that he had come so that they might have life and more but many misunderstood the mission of Jesus Christ especially regarding his healing ministry and not religion.

Somehow, he was wise to consider the short and long-term difficulties of the poor and had great compassion and empathy for their illness and illness. In essence, he understands that the above statement is a true representation of the majority of the global population in the future and in the future. The poor are also people who lack the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of where healing begins as it is said life does not consist of many things that are available to the individual. February, 2012, thousands of years later (AD) after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Great Healer; the poor are with us in many ways spoiling ignorance without fully knowing where healing begins. Therefore, they will always need healing to begin in their mind and body.

Written by: Jennifer Roberts

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