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What Can Chiropractic Care Do For Kids?

More and more parents are asking 'what can chiropractic do for children?' and 'why are you bringing the children to the chiropractor?' The answer is sometimes difficult to come up with for most people, because it can be a paradigm shift in the way they think about the health of individuals, and especially their children.

Everyone is subject to various stresses, whether physical, mental or emotional, and chemical. This emphasis will have an impact on the nervous system, both negative and positive. Negative pressure can be a weak posture; falls frequently; poor diet; take medicine; bad thinking patterns or thoughts that need to be discussed in public. This will have an unwanted effect on the nervous system, creating subluxations in the body.

When these subluxations occur, it's like talking on a cell phone and having it keep coming out. The message is there, but not the entire message gets and can be confused. This will cause discomfort, which means your body is not fully comfortable, is not functioning or is functioning properly. Does this cause pain? No, not necessarily. Does it create dysfunction and imbalance between cells and body tissues? Of course not.

How does it happen to someone so young? The first port of call we often see is utero, which is when the child is in his mother's womb. There has been a significant growth over the past nine months when the baby print plan is in place. Any stress will affect the developing child. This includes but is not limited to the way the baby is located in utero, if there is an abscess or twisting of the mother's pelvis causing problems in the child's development and development, alcohol, tobacco, maternal emotional problems, and drug use. A prime example of the effects of stress on developing humans are the undeniable effects of Thalidomide.

Birth itself, described as the most dangerous journey we will make per kilometer of travel distance, can be stressful. The more they intervene, the more stress, chemical, emotional and physical. As children begin to grow, they will sit, crawl and walk, participating in normal children's activities such as skating or riding a motorcycle; poor posture; carry a school bag incorrectly or bag too heavy; playing a long computer, a game of 'video' or 'iPhone'; bring family & personal emotional baggage; and eating unhealthy foods combined with an unbalanced diet. These can all lead to small but significant spinal misalignments (subluxations). If ignored, misalignments during this rapid growth period may lead to more serious problems later. Traumatic childhood trauma (or we do not think it is important) may affect the future development of the spine, resulting in impaired functioning of the nervous system. Any disruption to the vital nervous system will affect the body's ability to function better.

Why do parents refer their chiropractor to the health and well-being of their child?

For many, it is different, and it depends on where throughout the healthcare paradigm they see themselves. I have asked many parents why they bring their children to see me. The answers they give are along the same lines: to improve the health and well-being of their children. Some parents find that with their children constantly being checked and adjusted, their own children are not as sick with the flu, flu and ear infections as other children, while others do not want their children to grow up with the same disease that they've been through for years.

Some parents initially seek our help in resolving specific symptoms or conditions. Parents are seeking care for conditions such as colic, ear, asthma, allergies, eczema and headaches (to name a few) because they have heard from other parents that chiropractic care can help. It is important to understand that we do not treat the condition or disease. As we mentioned above, we are for distortions that interfere with the functioning of the nervous system and therefore affect the entire functioning of the body.


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