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Theta Healing Rhythm For Loving Your Body And Finding Your Perfect Weight!

Do you want to;

  • feel comfortable in your own skin?

  • feel good about your body?

  • have high self-esteem, confidence and self-esteem

  • feel pretty?

  • have a healthy love affair with your body, and with food?

The slimming industry is worth trillions of pounds, but if the diet works, we will all be skinny minis. In fact, more and more people are struggling right now with their bodies, with food and with their weight.

Do you know?

You have a body, you have a mind, you have a feeling, but you are more than your body, more than your thoughts and more than your feelings. You love me is an incredible love and light. You are infinite pure consciousness, in physical form and you are exactly as you are!

Now I know that some of you have a match as you read that last sentence. Because you do not see the beautiful soul that you really are and it is not your fault because you have been blinded by conditioning and programming and all the lies, judgments, opinions, views you hear and learn, and are brought into your body as truth.

So get a little perspective on this.

Our society promotes a healthy body image and less than is often seen as a sign of weakness, laziness, greed. We constantly evaluate ourselves, our bodies and other people's bodies, comparing ourselves to non-real industry standards. Many images depicted as beautifully produced, airborne pictures. The decision. Many women and men, feel guilt and shame around their bodies. They have negative body image, low self-esteem and self-esteem, lack of confidence, in relationships, in life and in business. Because they can't see themselves as the beautiful beings they really are.

Weight is a complicated issue, it's not as simple as saying that you are what you eat, you are exactly what you think! Your unconscious mind has a body image and holds many negative thoughts, feelings, memories and negative labels at different levels (Core, Soul, History, Ancestors) which in turn determines your thoughts, feelings about yourself, your body, and your behavior is related to food.

As a Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapist and Trainer, I have worked with many women and men for many years around their self-esteem, self-esteem, weight, diet and body issues such as anorexia, obesity, self-harm. It's not just overweight people who have problems with their bodies. Many healthy people have problems around their weight and their body. Weight issues are complex with many roots.

Issues of all kinds are often associated with stress, anxiety, trauma, sadness, abuse, depression. We have a connection with everything in life, often while working on weight issues, we finally see the individual's sensitivity and their capacity to receive love. People with empathy often bring their thoughts, emotions and other people.

Our emotions are very much related to our relationship with food. We eat when we are happy, food is often used as a ritual to celebrate our loved ones. We eat when we are happy, sad, angry, anxious, bored, ashamed and then often we deal with this issue of feeling sad, bad or crazy for ourselves to eat.

Using The Healing Healing, I have worked with many clients who have lost children (abortion, termination, abortion) and their bodies have maintained their weight as they are still capable of carrying the lost child. I have worked with clients who do not acknowledge their inner child and have been injured and traumatized in childhood. The inner child craves sweetness of life, or associates sweetness with love.

Others are losing weight following frustration or broken relationships.

Anorexia, Anorexia Nervosa

For others, they can control their eating with feasting, cleaning, or a combination of both. Their relationship with food is often an unconscious way to feel in control.

Our relationship with food also comes from childhood. Do you eat milk, bottle feed, feed upon request, feed on a regular basis? All of these affect our relationship with food.

* Check out this list of unconscious beliefs, to see what you're up to. You can use your body as a pendulum. Stand leg wide waist. Ask your body to move forward for yes and back for no. Make sure you test your muscles properly by saying my name (your name). Now the following test of trust; (note this list is not complete)

I am fat

I'm lazy

I am endless

I'm greedy

My body is embarrassing

My body is in the wrong

My body is dealing with pain, shock and trauma related to weight

My body holds the pain, shock and trauma associated with being slim

I take my parents' side of the family

I have heavy bones

My whole family is overweight

It's safe to be slim

Food is not my friend

I got rejected

I am angry

I am hungry

I'm starving

I have to go without

I got hit

I killed myself

I'm not safe

I am touched

It's safe for me to be slim

It's safe for me to be healthy

I know how skinny it is

I know what it feels like to be healthy

I know how to be slim

I know how to be healthy

I know how to eat the right food for me

I know how to trust my intuition

I know how to enjoy healthy food

I know how to absorb all the nutrients and vitamins from my diet

My fat protects me

I need to go in

I belong

I want

Sugar / Chocolate is love (replace your favorite foods here)

Discover your Natural Body Rhythm

Through healing and theta guidance you can learn to identify and change the unconscious beliefs and feelings that you have in your mind / body. Change your beliefs as you learn new exciting ways to lose weight and tap into your inner peace. It's not just about losing weight! It seeks the true rhythm of your mind, body and spirit, while tapping your inner beauty and loving yourself through your own dreams and desires!

It's not about who's thin or pretty! It's about being comfortable in your own body and finding inner peace and happiness by accepting who you are and embracing God for you!

Remember that you are a beautiful soul and that great people, like all good things, come in all shapes and sizes!


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