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The Secrets of Proper Diet

The first thing you need to know is that weight loss should not exceed 4-5 kg ​​a month. In addition to the risk to your health, significant weight loss does not burn fat, but loss of muscle mass. You promised yourself that this week you would be 'reduced', but once you start eating normally again, you can regain your lost weight.

If you fall into the category of people who only have a few extra pounds, who are not overweight, then it is best to stay firm in your weight rather than having a constant change in weight. So if your Body Mass Index (BMI) does not exceed 24.9, there is no reason to start any type of diet.

BMI can be calculated simply by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by your height (in meters) squared. A 1.64 woman who weighed 62 kg had a body mass index of 64 / (1.622) = 23.05. So there's no reason to be on a diet.

If you have a few extra pounds concentrated in one area of ​​your body (local thickness), be sure to do more, focusing on exercises that work with muscles in the region. No matter what diet you are on, there is no way to lose fat locally. Diet for bread or stomach just doesn't exist!

If you want to lose weight and to achieve maximum fat loss, do not lose weight and not to recover lost pounds, you should eat from all groups of foods. Carbs should always exceed 50% of energy, protein should not exceed 15% and fat should not exceed 30% of your daily energy intake.

Therefore, start eating less, limiting foods that are high in fat, especially saturated or trans fat. Stop this type of food 'Fast Food'. Limit the use of alcohol and soft drinks.

Base your diet on carbohydrates, especially those that are great, that provide energy to the body. Bread, pasta and rice are important everyday foods. When cooked or eaten properly you will not get fat.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. In addition to the fact that they do not contain fat, they are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Be a little more physically active. Walk when you can and generally do more exercises. Take advantage of summer for swimming and winter for jogging. Remember to sit in the sun because you are in the sun, you are not burning calories.

If you are dealing with an obesity problem, which has a BMI of over 30, then the situation is different and you should consult a qualified scientist who will help you heal.

Be careful

Protein diets pose a health risk because they include a large amount of fat, especially saturated fat, which increases 'bad' cholesterol. Protein diets, very popular in the United States (such as the Atkins diet), promote weight loss by allowing the use of large quantities of animal food (meat, chicken, dairy). The energy derived from fat from this type of diet, many times over and 50% of energy intake. Remember that the energy derived from fat in our diet should not exceed 30-40%.

These types of foods can cause high cholesterol and cholesterol which can be harmful to our health.


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