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The Pineapple Diet - A Fad Diet

The Metzger pineapple diet (also known as pineapple detoxification diet, or the pineapple and tuna diet) is a popular diet supplement program started by Joann Metzger. This weight loss plan is not widely accepted as a healthy main flow diet, and is actually controversial.

The classification of the pineapple diet as a fad has some validity. Although some people claim to be successful in using this attack plan, critics have often argued that eating habits is just a slim diet. This claim is generally true of any diet that allows only one person to eat one or two meals for any amount of time.

Although there are many forms of the pineapple diet, Metzger was originally intended as a three-day accident for fast weight loss, rather than as a full-time eating plan. This "new" version available online can be confusing for people who are not good at it, and despite the potential disagreements and problems, there is still an ongoing debate as to whether you need fresh pineapple or if canned pineapple works, and what the actual meal plan is. .

This theory is not about fat, it is only natural carbohydrates, high fiber, and special enzymes that one should lose 5 lbs or more in no time. Then for a week or two the meal is more normal, but responsible, and then repeat to lose a pound of weight at a time.

There are many modern versions of this diet, some that include pineapple at every meal, some as a snack three times a day, and others that include pills to be taken three times a day. There have been many claims about this plan that have not been met, and there are many criticisms that the pineapple diet has no scientific basis and only a poorly disguised hunger-weight plan.

Jury is a plan in this weight-loss plan, but the pineapple diet is a diet that may look around for a while.


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