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The One Day Detox Diet - More Than a Quick Fix

But as satisfying as instant gratification is, it rarely comes without a price, especially where the human body is concerned. Immediate weight loss diets offer long-term solutions to keep the pound from crawling back, so those pursuing them eventually return to try different, each less effective than the last. The cruel diet is almost guaranteed to provoke a reaction to starvation, so it monitors the fat cells that keep it more jealously than ever before.

The best way to lose weight and stay away is to review your eating habits and why you treat food the way you do. By doing so, you will be on top to target the ways you need to change your lifestyle for the long term, but you can get your new life in gear with a one-day detox diet.

Day one detoxification diet, despite its name, is another gimmick for losing weight in a hurry. The one-day detox diet aims to break down some of the accumulated toxins that clog up your system and consume your energy, and it may not lose weight at all. But it will make you feel better, and boost your metabolism so that you start burning calories at a higher rate without changing any dangerous diet pills.

Eat At One Detox Diet One Day

One day detox will eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables, preferably raw, and stay away from meat, dairy products, wheat, refined sugars and processed foods of all kinds. You can also add herbal tea containing dandelion leaves and roots, licorice, garlic, and / or celery seeds to your one-day detox diet, for added cleansing power.

You'll start a one-day detox diet with a glass of freshly cooked organic citrus juice, and let it remove toxins from your system by eating nothing else until lunchtime.

What to Expect

One day a detox diet will not promise immediate problems for your weight loss, and will not even require you to provide long-term health benefits of a longer detox diet. But if you use a one-day detox diet at regular intervals, you will be giving your body frequent opportunities to pursue its cleansing process, and will feel younger, more energetic, and healthier.


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