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The Looming Crisis of Obesity in the West

If you try to lose weight, you may find that diet is a bit difficult and requires a fair amount of maturity, dedication and determination to succeed. Every day, around the world, thousands of people start eating or taking diet pills because they want to redo their figure, become healthier, have more energy in their daily lives or because they worry about the long-term effects.

There are obesity crises in some Western countries - especially in the United States, Britain and Australia - where up to a quarter of adults and (in some areas) up to a third of young people are clinically obese. This can have a profound impact not only on the health of these nations, but also on their economy in the years ahead. People with obesity often experience additional problems in their lives, such as anxiety or depression about their condition, difficulty with mobility and self-care, and of course complications of serious conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer, treatment that flows a great deal from the wallets of these countries.

Overweight strains put their lives on hold and their country's health and welfare systems can have a profound impact on the productivity and overall health of these countries as we move forward, and government agencies in these countries are working hard. to improve the health of their people, with limited success, through public education. The main problem seems to be that most parents do not know what kind of food to feed their children (or indeed themselves) or how much they should eat, and the convenience of choosing a lean, salty, and usually nutritious microwave is scarce. worth dinner, fast food or dinners more than home cooked food for many, affecting them, their children, and their community in general.

Of course, one of the least helpful ways to convince overweight people that they need to change their lifestyle right away is to keep them from the ill effects of eating too much wrong foods. Facing people who almost always know that their lifestyle may be knocking down years of their life usually makes them deadly, but, besides surprise, what methods work?

As with almost any problem like this (let us think of alcohol or drug abuse as an analogy) patients must want treatment, and they must want the treatment to work, if the drug works. Obese individuals will only lose weight if they want to, whether they choose to do so diligently, gastric band, lipo-suction or diet pills. After all, the horse must be thirsty to drink, even though we have dragged him to the river.


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