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The Fish We Cook, Haddock, Finnan Haddie, Sablefish


Haddock is a member of the code family located on the cold Atlantic Ocean from Greenland to Virginia. It lives at the bottom of the ocean underwater and is very important for commercial fishermen. It has the same basic shape as the other cod but is distinguished by its smaller mouth and dark spots on the breast. Haddock is a purple color with a lighter belly and can also be recognized by a black line that runs horizontally along the length of the fish. They weigh about 3 pounds but can grow up to 37 pounds and 44 inches long. Small dams are usually split in the middle and marketed as climbing. Haddok has a very sweet fleshy flesh that is very light in taste and low in fat. The best way to cook hasdock is to bake, cook, fry oven, steam, pan fried sauté or tiger.


Finnan Haddie is a very popular dish in Scandinavian cuisine, especially during the holidays. In fact, it was actually made by the Scottish people in the seventeenth century. Haddie Finnan is a kind of raw fish, usually hasdock or cod, which is smoked cold, just slightly, to give raw fish a sense of smoke. After assuming it takes a golden brown color outside with a white center. It has a rich, low fat flavor. The traditional way of cooking finnan haddie is to eat it in milk but it can also be baked or steamed.


Due to its long slender body, somewhat resembling cod, seafood is sometimes called Alaska cod or black cod even though it is not a member of the cod family. It is a bait fish found in the Pacific from Alaska to northern California mostly in the Bering Sea. Sablefish are black or dark with a slightly lighter belly and average 8 pounds and 30 inches long and can grow to 56 pounds and 40 inches. Their meat is creamy white. Because of its melting meat, it is sometimes called butterfish and is often smoked and sold as smoked salmon. The taste and texture are often compared to the expensive Chilean sea bass but the sea fish is much more. Sea fish have very soft flesh that is light and high in fat. The best way to cook sablefish is to bake, cook, steam or tiger.


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