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The Dynamics of Weight Management

Here we go again - this time of year when everyone starts to think about the bumps that have grown around their waist in the winter, and maybe before. Time to keep everything away, well not literally, but close, so panic strikes. So I think I've shared with you some guidelines that can help you understand why you put on unwanted pounds and how you can release them once and for all, as long as you really want to let them go.

In my personal research, I have found four basic areas that contribute to weight gain: diet, lack of exercise, stress as it relates to hormone imbalance, and toxic load. All of these areas play an important role in weight management, so all must be addressed to achieve the results of weight loss and maintenance.

First and foremost is this fact: You are what you eat! If you put trans fat, processed foods, fast foods, too much carbohydrates, too much sugar, and snacks into your body, the result will be unwanted pounds. But it also applies to how much you put into your body. Too many calories is too much a pound. The key to a well-balanced diet is a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, quality protein, and complex carbohydrates in the right proportion to your diet. Drinking lots of water is also required. Your body is made of over 70% water and must be replaced daily, not to mention the benefits of water to remove toxins.

Many people want to lose weight but don't want to change their diet. So, they choose pills to temporarily "fix" them, sometimes putting their health at risk. Diet does not work - which has been proven repeatedly. Someone starts a diet, loses weight, but then resorts to the old diet and weight reappears, often with a vengeance.

Some people live to eat instead of eating to live. Until their minds change to realize the importance of a healthy diet in weight management, their unwanted intake may continue. Try these formulas for a better diet plan: At each meal or snack, add 30-40% protein, 20% good fat, 40-50% complex carbohydrates.

Lack of exercise can be part of an unwanted pound. To improve one's metabolism exercise is needed. Exercise helps you lose fat and strengthen muscles while you are firm and tight. Exercises help keep bones and joints healthy, keep blood and oxygen flowing, and give you energy.

Since sluggish metabolism is part of the extra weight picture, it only makes sense to turn off the sofa and move on! Best time to move it? In the morning before you eat breakfast because any stored fat will be used for energy in exercise and will be lowered easier.

The third aspect of weight management is hormone imbalance, often caused by stress. Hormones are needed for every body function. They naturally decline with age, but if they are overworked and stressed they will decline faster.

The endocrine system - the adrenals, the thyroid, the sex hormones - runs your body. They affect metabolism, energy, libido, aging, weight, sleep habits, digestion, and the spirit of life. Adrenals are very important as they are your stress indicators. Chronic stress, which is common in today's society, damages the adrenals and makes the roller coaster ride your health. Adrenals play a role in every function and system in your body, and if they don't function properly, nothing else will.

DHEA, the most abundant hormone in your body and is located in your adrenals, is essential for immune function, combating aging, fatigue, and strong body. Cortisol, also found in the adrenals, increases when you are stressed. With a decrease in DHEA and an increase in cortisol there is an imbalance that leads you to a vicious cycle of fatigue, sleep disorders, weight gain, poor digestion, and low libido. Secret? Heals adrenals, which are not always easy tasks or are not done quickly. It requires educating yourself on ways to cure it naturally so you can lower cortisol levels and increase DHEA levels until you have a better balance. Because the balance of your other hormones will be easier and faster. Adrenal fatigue problems are often overlooked by the medical profession, but they are at the core of many physical symptoms, disorders, and weight problems. Click on this site - or - and read the article on Adrenal Fatigue: How It Affects Your Life and How to Cure It.

Often the thyroid, the main regulator of metabolism, does not work with weight problems. Many doctors deal with this problem without examining adrenal fatigue. It offers little help to patients unless both are addressed because when adrenals are tired, they often affect the function of the thyroid. Everything in your body is very integrated.

Finally, let's talk about the toxic burden. Our world is so full of toxins now that it is impossible to release its effects on our health even if we follow a strict health regimen. So it's important to address this toxin so we can eliminate it.

All petroleum products produce major toxic substances - plastic, anything that says propyl, perfume, fixed cosmetics, processed foods, anything with hydrogenated fats, and so on. Avoiding them is completely impossible but try your best to eliminate as much as possible.

Sugar, corn syrup, fructose, maltose, and the like destroy the good bacteria in your intestinal tract, reduce nutrients, lose nutritional value, damage teeth, increase insulin levels, and increase pounds. What is the alternative to sugar? Fruits, raw honey, organic sugar cane, stevia, xylitol. No people, aspartam, malitol, sorbital, splenda, etc. NOT a good sugar substitute - they are in some cases more dangerous than sugar.

Your heart is your main filter and should be cleaned regularly. Includes colon cleansing also to remove toxins completely. Infrared sauna is great for detoxification. Fresh vegetable juice juice in a blender can also be detoxified.

Weight loss is a lifestyle change. So understand this important fact - weight loss starts in your mind! Put yourself in the weight you want to see, even if it is only in your mind, and keep reminding yourself that you are in the process of achieving your goals.

Sometimes a little help getting started with your weight loss program is appropriate. Using full body cleaning can be beneficial, such as CleanSmart, as it spills your body out of stored waste. The Mega CLA 1200 has been proven to help with weight loss like the Ultra Skinny Mini and Mighty Lean, all Plus products. You can find out more about this product or buy it at

Know that anything you want to achieve can be achieved if you only take one step at a time. It's okay. only one option!


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