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Soy Choices

Humorous soybeans, staples from

Asian cuisine for centuries, has been made

significant differences in health patients

users in the West.

Soy products are also forming

nutritional basis for many

ethical vegetarian

doubt about eating meat or who

just want to awaken the body.

Soy is a nutrient rich food that contains all the essentials

the amino acids our body needs, making it complete

protein. Soy foods are high in fiber without cholesterol.

In addition to many vitamins and minerals, soy foods

contains phytochemical compounds (such as isoflavones)

has been associated with many health benefits.

Specifically, soy isoflavones lower LDL (bad) cholesterol

and reduce blood clotting which reduces risk

heart attack and stroke. Research at the University of Illinois

suggest that the use of soy can help prevent two from

the biggest complication faced by type 2 diabetes patients (kidneys

illness and heart disease). Soy food is a consideration

improves the body's ability to maintain and absorb calcium

bone, helps prevent osteoporosis.

One of the popular uses for soy foods and supplements

In recent years menopausal symptoms have been reduced. The

Soy isoflavones can help regulate estrogen during this hormone

up and down. There are reports that soybeans

can also reduce PMS symptoms.

Soy-based foods have become very healthy

help people with lactose intolerance.

Lactose intolerance results from

the body's inability to digest sugar

called lactose found in milk and

dairy product. American diet

The association estimates between thirty

and fifty million Americans are lactose intolerant

intolerant. These symptoms are common

Malady includes stomach gas, bloating,

stomach cramps, and diarrhea. Since soybean

does not contain lactose, which is dairy based

The substitute prevents this annoying digestion


Soy questions

Music car soy-foods have hit

some bumps lately. Investigation

at the University of Illinois suggested that

health benefits documented by

the use of soy in Asian culture can

largely lost to processing techniques

used in the West.

In particular, the quality of cancer is at war

soy may not only be absent

Western soy-based foods and supplements,

but highly processed soy products can actually stimulate growth

of estrogen-dependent breast first

tumor. An alarming investigation has been done

in mice and therefore cannot be concluded

with respect to humans.

Previous investigation by Dutch troops

Scientists also emphasize differences

between highly processed soy foods and

soy foods natural diet

traditionally eaten in Asia. The

The Dutch study did not go as far as to suggest

processed soy products can be

tumor growth risk factors.

Edgar Cayce on soy

Edgar Cayce discusses soy-based

food in fifteen readings provided for individuals

of all ages. The readings confirm

that soy is the best substitute for meat


One of the popular themes in this regard

reading groups are important

individual response to soy. For

For example, when asked if thirteen-

old girl should drink soy milk and

Not a cow's milk, Cayce says this

should be administered by his own children

Appetite. He noted that sometimes soy milk

"doesn't work well with other influences."

He kept saying that if anything

is the desire for soy milk of choice

for cow's milk, the system will be balanced

out alone (1206-9).

A nine-year-old girl was told that soy

milk does not like cow's milk.

One and two year follow-up readings

then more profitable to soy

milk, finally stated that drinking soy

milk "part of the time we find it very good."

(1179-7) Probably the girl's digestive tract

the system has changed over time

sponge to assimilate soy sauce better

milk. The theme of his personality is

also attended the reading for eight years

the boy was told, "For this

body, it will be very good "to replace

soy milk for cow's milk (1188-7, italics

add). Two other readings for children

Recommended (2153-2 and 1206-11)

soy milk.

Some curious readings for adults

proposes another unique aspect of soy

digestion related to lifestyle. A

A forty-eight-year-old woman is struggling with menopause asking if she should drink

soy milk. Cayce replied, "This is going to happen

depending on the activities

body. If there is enough energy

is used for physical activity

just as easily assimilated, is good.

If this energy is used for activity

more mental than physical, it is

won't be so good. "(1158-18) Obviously,

this reading may be related to women

consider soy products for relief

menopausal symptoms.

The same sentiment is inside

reading 340-31 given for forty-seven years-

the old woman asked if she was

an alternative to soy bean bread

whole wheat. Cayce replied, "Soya Bean

healthy bread for certain characters

and conditions; give the body

to get out in the open, very active, fiery

or dictator, then eat Soya Bean bread!

But if it stays indoors, with more

normal temperamental reaction,

Leave it! "This woman has a long time

problems with "spastic colitis"

which we now call bowel syndrome.

The following two examples show that

Being physically active may be important

to assimilate the right soybean meal

for some individuals.

Should include soy foods in your diet

makes sense for you, here are some soybeans

options you can consider:

  • Choose a natural soy product
    processed as much as possible.

  • Pay attention to your body's individuality
    reaction to soy foods.

  • Include soybeans as part of a broad
    Diets are balanced by the emphasis on fruits and

  • Do some outside training
    your lifestyle as much as possible.


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