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Sore Throat - Frequently Clear Your Throat, Suffer Hoarseness and Cough Persistently? Might Be This

If you have severe or uncomfortable throat, should regularly clean your throat, cough and suffer from hoarseness, you may have serious and lesser known throat problems.

If your doctor refuses respiratory problems or for any reason, you may experience a gastric acid return.


Gastric reflux is the return of acid to the esophagus. Food drops your throat into your stomach after you swallow it. Your stomach is filled with gastric acid that helps break down food. The valve between the stomach and esophagus usually prevents the flow but the valve may be weak or there may be pressure forcing gastric acid on.

Symptoms include frequent throat cleaning, sore throat at the end of the day, cough, larynx or sore throat and sore throat.

Delays in treatment can cause problems with vocal cords and larynx. Patients may also have difficulty swallowing and asthma. Gastric acid can also reach other organs such as the ear and nose, causing swelling of the middle ear.

Long-term sufferers have been known to lose voice every night.

This condition is slightly recognized until some people experience years without proper diagnosis and become anxious, even depressed about their condition.


To prevent gastric acid return, one should avoid smoking and alcohol. Try to avoid eating then go straight to bed afterwards. Avoid eating too much, reducing acidic foods (like tomatoes, cakes, orange juice) and chewing your food carefully before swallowing. Avoid stress, especially around mealtimes. You should also avoid too many voice conversations by talking too long without a break. Drink water regularly to keep your throat hydrated.

Medical researchers have also found a link between sleep apnea and stomach acid return. Some medicines may also cause gastric reflux as a side effect. The hiatus hernia can cause gastric reflux as well.


Drugs such as rabeprazole can suppress gastric acid secretion. If the vocal chord is damaged, medical treatment and speech therapy may be necessary.

If you have acid reflux caused by sleep apnea, you can try acid reflux pillows. It looks like a big foaming triangular wedge. Pillows make you sleep more and more angles: thus gravity helps to keep gastric acid in your stomach.

Make sure you do not ignore persistent cough and / or sore throat as it can lead to serious complications.


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