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Sleep to Grow Taller - Tips to Increase The Human Growth Hormone During Sleep

Sleep is not just a matter of hitting the pillows at night and getting up in the morning. It's very important to her

Optimal health is also very important if we want to grow higher naturally. During pituitary gland sleep we cure large amounts of HGH or human growth hormone. We grow in size during sleep not only because our body is at rest but because of this human growth hormone. Therefore, it is important to know how to increase growth hormone during sleep.

Length is important, we need about 8 hours per night. It is not enough that it affects our health and also the production of human growth hormone levels. However, we also need to consider the quality. It is also a very important factor that can help increase the secretion of HGH during sleep. Our body will not produce HGH effectively if we are in a deep sleep and half sleep mode.

Therefore, it is important to get 8 hours of sleep without interruption. To do this, do everything to create a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. Your room should smell dark and fresh. You can have scented candles or essential oils. Lavender, Vanilla and green apples are among the best scents, research has found that they can help reduce anxiety and induce sleep.

Also, make sure you have good ventilation, leave the door or window open or you can also turn on the fan to keep the air moving. Drinking milk before bed can help increase HGH as it contains complete amino acids. One of them is the amino acid tryptophan which also helps to induce sleep. Deep breathing also helps, practice relaxation through sleep training.

Another important tip for increasing the secretion of human growth hormones is to avoid eating a particularly high carbohydrate diet before going to sleep. The point is to prevent the increase in insulin that tends to shut down the production of human growth hormones. Studies have shown that fasting 2 hours before bed can help increase the growth hormone secretion during sleep. Therefore, remember to avoid sleeping in bed.


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