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Sleep and It's Effects on Weight Loss

How does lack of sleep affect us? And how does it have any effect on weight loss? Psychologically it happened. When we don't get enough sleep, we tend to be like zombies walking around at work. The tendency to reach for a 6th cup of sweet coffee or a donut of 4 for quick energy is very high. This gives you a fast energy bolt that lasts a long time before you finally reach the cookie box, it also provides a quick bolt for your calorie intake!

Don't underestimate calories when you're hungry or tired. The cookies and small snacks used to collect are VERY fast. Your coffee may contain sugars that add up quickly. An easy 8-hour work day ends when you consume nearly 1500 calories in snacks that try to keep you fit. Your waistline will be in serious trouble.

There are many studies that discuss how lack of sleep can affect our blood pressure.

Why Lack of Sleep Causes This?

Scientifically, there are also reasons why extra calories are used. 3 hormones are responsible for this. Leptin, Ghrelin and Cortisol. Lack of sleep causes hormone levels to react and causes a greater appetite. Described below:

Leptin: There are researchers who think that Leptin increases can affect Ghrelin release as mentioned below. What Leptin does is signal to your brain that your body has sufficient energy stores such as body fat. These hormones are responsible for reducing our appetite. When you do not get enough sleep, these hormone levels drop, causing our desire for food.

Ghrelin: This is basically the hormone that is responsible for boosting our appetite. It is produced by the stomach and it signals our brain to tell us that we are hungry, which results in an increase in appetite and feeling 'hungry.' Usually this level of hormone is prominent before meals, which tells us it's time to eat, and drops immediately after meals, for about 3 hours.

Cortisol: These levels of hormones are increased when a person is physically or psychologically stressed. The increase in these hormones will signal the body to take in more food to compensate for energy loss and recovery. Lack of sleep results in increased Cortisol being responsible for the large amount of food consumed, and these supplements are stored as fat rather than used to replace any type of energy store.

So basically lack of proper sleep will cause us to crave food, and the likelihood of winning will be overcome when the temptation around you is too strong.


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