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Skinny Fat Guy Syndrome? - How to Transform Your Skinny Body

If you build naturally slender without a lot of muscle but find that you have areas of obesity such as pot belly and love grip, then you fall into the classic "men with skinny fat syndrome".

Although it can be a frustrating situation, it is relatively easy to cure with small lifestyle changes and some weight training.

Here, I will give you my top tips on why you suffer from skinny fat syndrome and how you can avoid it, to give yourself a muscular and strong body, and to make your head on the beach for all the right reasons.

Control Your Metabolism

The main reason why you suffer from obesity is due to your high metabolic rate, which makes it difficult to gain weight and muscle mass but is easy to lose.

Your metabolism is what makes muscle gain difficult for you like most "hard workers". Don't look at it as a negative though, as your high metabolic rate is actually an asset that can cause you to lose excess body fat and get ripped later.

Your metabolism can be controlled and controlled by increasing your daily calorie intake and splitting your diet into 6 daily instead of the usual 3. This ensures that your body has a steady supply of energy and avoids common causes and accidents that come from eating too far.

Eating complex carbohydrate items like oatmeat is great because they are energy release and take a long time to metabolize. It's also a great muscle builder.

Eat the Right Food

As well as your metabolism, the main reason why you suffer from obesity is because you may be eating the wrong foods at the wrong time as mentioned above.

High in saturated foods and sugary foods, as well as alcoholic beverages such as beer (which has a high calorie content, but has no nutritional value) will make you fat but lean and non-muscular at the same time.

Note above that I say you need to increase your calorie intake, but it comes with high quality healthy foods, such as lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts, nuts, pasta, rice and vegetables.

Alcohol may be the worst cause of skin fat men's syndrome because it has no nutritional benefit, and it is considered toxins by the body which means it processes alcohol before anything else. So if you combine alcohol with a typical night end with curry or kebab, you can see why it's easy to get "fat" but still lean.

Fat Fat Workout

Getting yourself out of lean fat syndrome is all about eating right, AND training right.

By following the diet and nutrition advice above combined with a lean fat workout, you can gain great muscle mass quickly.


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