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Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment and Nutrition - How Eating Potassium Rich Foods Can Ease Sciatic Pain

As a sciatic sufferer, your nanny's instructions to reduce your sciatic pain are important. However, it is equally important for you to be proactive in your own health care plan. There are many lifestyle choices that can have a positive impact on your sciatic nerve pain. These include hydrotherapy, exercise, stretching, and diet. What we get from our bodies is the same as what we put into our bodies. In the case of sciatic nerve treatment, it has been found that foods rich in potassium can help relieve sciatic pain. However, it cannot be emphasized enough that you do not want to burden your body with potassium as an excessive intake of potassium poses a health risk. Therefore, if you find that the following foods are already abundant in your daily diet, you may want to consider doing some research on other types of foods to alleviate sciatic pain (such as anti-inflammatory or organic foods).

How to make potassium in sciatic nerve treatment:

When looking for effective forms of sciatic nerve pain, supplementing with potassium-rich foods can be a very helpful and easy change. Potassium regulates muscle contraction, doing so can reduce the severe muscle pain associated with sciatica. In the case of sciatic nerve treatment, a person who does not have enough potassium in their system does not have anything to help fight the random and painful spasms associated with sciatica. It is recommended that adult men and women take 4.7 grams of potassium per day. Pregnant women should also take 4.7 grams a day, while breastfeeding women should take 5.1 grams daily. As long as you monitor your potassium intake, you should be able to incorporate these diet changes yourself. Please allow one to two weeks for the changes to take effect. A good idea is to keep a journal of how much potassium you have consumed and the source of your food, and how you are feeling. Please do not go to the recommended daily dose without consulting your sciatic nerve pain doctor for guidance. For your convenience, we have included a recommended meal intake per serving to see the results.

The following potassium-rich foods have been found to be beneficial in the treatment of sciatic nerve pain:

  1. Apricot = dried, 10 portions

  2. Avocados = 1 ounce

  3. Banana = 1 cup

  4. Beet = cooked, 1 cup

  5. Cantaloupe = 1 cup

  6. Honeydew Melon = 1 cup

  7. Kiwi = raw, 1 medium

  8. Five Peanuts = 1 cup

  9. Nectarines = raw, 1

  10. Orange juice = 1 cup

  11. Orange = raw, 1

  12. Peanuts = (dried, roasted, without salt), 1 ounce

  13. Pear = raw, 1

  14. Potatoes = burnt, 1

  15. Tomato products

  16. Winter Squash = 1 cup

  17. Yogurt = regular, 1 cup

  18. Skim milk = 8 ounces


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