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Reduce Varicose and Spider Veins With Diosmin 95

What is varicose veins? Varicose veins swell and enlarge veins. They are usually purple or dark, but they can also be flesh colored. Varicose veins usually look like cording or twisting and sometimes bulgy. They are usually raised and swollen on the surface of the skin and are usually located on the inside of the leg or behind the calf. Gravity, weight, and the task of transporting blood from the lower back to the heart are the reasons that feet are the main location of varicose veins and spider veins.

When a woman is pregnant she often removes hemorrhoids, which are varicose veins that form around the anus and the vagina.

The spider-like description of varicose veins is just smaller. They are usually blue or they are closer to the surface. Sometimes they look like a spider or branch that gives them a spider's name. Spiders are usually found on the feet, but they can also be found on the face and can cover very small skin areas and sometimes large areas of skin.

Varicose veins and spider veins due to venous insufficiency. The heart should pump blood, full of oxygen and nutrients, to the whole body. The artery then carries blood from the heart to the body and veins carry oxygen-poor blood from the body back to the heart. When the leg muscles are squeezed, blood is pumped back to the heart from the lower leg. The blood vessels have a valve that acts as a one-way and the flap prevents blood from running backward when moving up the leg. However, if the valve becomes weak, blood may leak back into the veins and accumulate there. The veins become enlarged by the collected blood and then become varicose.

This is also a cause of spider veins; Hormone changes, inherited factors, and sun exposure also cause spider veins.

Both men and women suffer from spiders and varicose veins. On average 50% of women in the United States and 40% of men suffer from vein problems. Varicella medication affects half of people 50 and older.

There are a number of factors that increase an individual's chances of developing varises or spiders. These factors include but are not limited to age, offspring, hormone changes during pregnancy and menopause, birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy, obesity, leg injury, and sun exposure.

While not all varicose veins and spiders can be prevented there are a few things that can be done to limit the chances of getting a new varicose vein and veins and can alleviate the discomfort you feel you already have:

o Protect your skin from the sun by wearing sun protection.

o Get regular exercise to improve your circulation and feet and tendon strength

o Keep your weight under control so that there is no additional pressure on your feet

o Make sure your feet are not covered while you are sitting

o Raise your feet as much as you can while you rest

o Sitting every so often doesn't last long

o Wear a support hose and avoid tight fitting clothing that may block your thighs, waist or legs

o Turn to low salt diet rich in high fiber foods

o Take a dietary supplement with Diosmin 95® like Venacura

The active ingredient in Venacura has been clinically proven to keep the neuramediators in your veins active for longer. Keeping a more active neuramediator will prevent and reverse varices and Spider veins. Diosmin95® supplements are a great choice for people with healthy veins as well as those with varices or Spider Veins.

If you want to have healthy feet and if you want to reduce varicose veins and spider veins then Venacura with Diosmin 95® is a clinically guaranteed solution for you. Venacura is the only product with Diosmin 95® available in the United States.


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