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Red Yeast Rice & Pregnant Women

High cholesterol is something that needs to be controlled as it can negatively affect an individual's overall health. There are different products to control cholesterol from medicines for supplements. This article will study the use of one red rice supply and how it affects pregnant women. We will check to see if it is safe to expect that the mother will take and the effects of the pregnancy.

Red yeast rice is a powerful supplement used to lower cholesterol. It has been proven to be very effective in reducing cholesterol levels in people. Because of its effectiveness, it has become very popular. Red yeast rice naturally contains statins, this is the same product also found in reducing cholesterol prescription drugs.

Does This Cholesterol Reduce Supplement Save Pregnant Women?

As it stands now, red yeast rice supplement containing lovastatin is not safe for pregnant women. This supplement falls into Category X as it relates to medications and pregnant women. This category is determined based on a study conducted on pregnant women on how certain drugs interact with infants. The results often indicate that women taking these medications often present infants with birth defects or that some other complications may occur.

Are All Red Yeast Rice Supplements Unhealthy?

Not all supplements available contain lovastatin, which is the main ingredient that puts the product in Category X. There are many safe, but do not recommend that pregnant women should take this supplement. The reason behind this is based on the fact that red yeast rice containing lovastatin has not been approved by the FDA. As a result, many manufacturers often sell their products with statins included, but they will not label them indicating they are pregnant. This statin is very strong and can negatively affect the fetus. For this reason women should avoid this medicine.


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