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Raw Food Weight Loss - Learn How Eating Raw Food is the Secret to Easy and Permanent Weight Loss

Weight loss of raw foods may just be like a never ending fad diet, but the philosophy behind this diet may draw your attention to a closer look.

For most people, this diet is a diet to end all diets. So what makes weight loss so easy for a raw food diet?

Enzymes: Secret Diet Pills

Enzymes are present in all foods to aid digestion, but when we cook our food these delicate proteins break down, forcing the body to produce its own.

The problem is that as we get older, the body becomes overworked and we can do this work in addition to many others, so we start to lose weight because fats and other nutrients are no longer metabolized properly.

Ever wondered why you were thin when you were young? Your metabolism is not slow; You have actually run out of your precious enzymes. The secret to melting that extra pound is eating raw food!

Bye Hunger

People on the whole raw food diet are full and satisfied, while most people who go from one popular diet to the next do not know what they are feeling from continuing hunger. But on a raw food diet, losing weight is easy because you will always be satisfied!

This is because the body receives raw, efficient nutrients that can be efficiently used and carbohydrates from fresh fruit that will satisfy the craving for fuel from your body.

You can eat and eat and eat cooked food but you will still be starved for nutrition!

Acid Makes You Fat

The body creates fat cells and eventually holds them to keep the acid from the food. It does this to maintain the low pH of the alkaline body needed to survive.

Acid foods like meat, pasta, bread, dairy, cakes, cakes, coffee, soda, and many more are our favorite foods. As a general rule, vegetables and fruits are alkaline foods. Some raw nuts and seeds are slightly acidic but are much more alkaline than foods like meat and cereals.

Eat raw food and lose weight because your body no longer needs to hold fat to store waste!


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