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Questions About the Penis: What Is a Small Penis Size?

What is the small penis size? This is an important question for many men. Penis size is important for men and women. I often feel insecure because of their small size and want to know how they measure up. Most men really want to please a woman and they are often very caring and assertive, which allows them to enjoy the moment. Often the pain and doubt comes from the small penis. So what is the small penis size exactly?

When it comes to penis size, there are two different sides, each with their own ideas; Men and women or men and men in some cases. What may be small and inadequate for one side may not be so small and inadequate for the other. If both parties are happy and satisfied with their anatomy, then size is not important. A man, with a 4-inch penis, can easily satisfy a woman, if she is not concerned with his size and if his partner does not care.

But if their opinions are not the same and one party is not satisfied with sex, then there is a problem. In most cases it's the guy who cares about their penis, thinking it's too small. When you think your penis is too small, it automatically feels inadequate and this leads to anxiety, stress and even depression. Of course there are cases in which the woman, dissatisfied with her penis and overall sexual performance. So just because you believe your penis is too small, doesn't mean it's the same for your partner. And just because you're happy doesn't mean your partner is happy.

This is a complicated issue. The small penis is relative. Is small penis for one, maybe big for another. No specific length or circumference is considered "small." A man with a 7-inch penis might be young, because he wants more. Then again a man with a 4-inch penis may have sex with many beautiful women and never think about his penis. Answer the question, what is a small penis? You must analyze your sex life and your own feelings and your self-esteem.

If you have sex with your wife or girlfriend and she never complains or feels dissatisfied, then this is a clear sign that you need not worry. Again, if your sex life is not good and you feel something is wrong, then your fears may be valid. There are, of course, many reasons why sex life does not go well, one of which can be penis size. And of course if you have deep concerns about your penis size, even if your sex life does not suffer from it, then you can have a small penis size on your head.

Basically, if you think you have a problem and believe your penis is too small for you, then you can choose to grow your penis. The penis can be safely and naturally enlarged with the help of penis exercises. It's something that many people are considering and something that many people are doing.

What size penis is small for you, may not be small for others. But if you think it's small, then it's small too. If someone thinks he has too much belly fat, is he not allowed to lose fat from his stomach? If a person is dissatisfied with his strength, is he not allowed to make himself stronger?


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