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Physical Fitness Test

There are many physical fitness tests to gauge how physically fit you are. This test will measure your ability for strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and power. Here are some of the more popular tests.

Power Test

  • One rep max - Use it to lift anything to test strength

  • Testing - Core strength

  • Reject test - Strength and endurance

Endurance Test

  • 15 minute walk - Balance VO2 max

  • Cooper 12 minutes walk - Measure VO2 max

  • Shuttle - Aerobic power for sprint sports

Speed ​​and Power Test

  • 30 meter sprint - Power step

  • Illinois agility test - Sprint sports

  • Take a long jump - Explosive power

  • Vertical jump jump - Power of explosion

  • Hexagon drill - Test for agility, balance and speed

Flexibility Test

  • Seating and outreach - Low back steps and flexibility flexibility

  • Round the bar

  • Advantages are advantages

This is a great test to see how you measure in a particular area and see where you need to improve. Each sport is made up of different movements and different muscular fitness requirements. So before you start measuring each test on the list, try breaking down your sport into more specific moves.

Football will benefit from speed and power while runners will benefit from endurance and wrestlers will benefit from strength testing.

Before you begin the test, make sure you stretch and heat properly. To improve your ability in certain tests, focus on the kind of fitness you need. Lift heavy weights for strength, sprint for speed and power, and run for endurance.


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