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PCOS Spotting - 5 Steps to Fertility and Long Term Improvement in Health

If you are looking for information about PCOS detecting, you should consider it as a short and long term health issue. Detecting with PCOS is due to a lack of ovulation which usually results in regular monthly spread of the uterine lining. PCOS is a very serious health condition. Its long-term effects are anemia, heart disease, atherosclerosis, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, pregnancy complications, and cancer.

If you want to get pregnant, PCOS will be a challenge. Here are 5 key steps to PCOS fertility:

  1. Stop PCOS and talk from the womb does not work. There have been some successes with medications to reduce insulin resistance. The drug lowers insulin levels, and the androgen hormone levels decrease and allow the menstrual cycle to return to normal.

  2. Symptoms of PCOS are also a suspicious skin problem for insulin resistance. They have browns, changes in skin color and body "marks" scattered over the skin. Start using a diabetes diet and focus on managing the major contributor to the PCOS problem of pregnancy, diabetes.

  3. PCOS ovulation. It is a fact that certain medications called "insulin-sensitive" have helped many women lower their insulin levels and have a normal and predictable menstrual cycle. Only a single menstrual cycle without PCOS can release a fertile egg.


  4. PCOS treatment is a lifelong struggle. In childhood, most women do not want to have their ovaries removed. However, in severe cases, your doctor may recommend it. There is some evidence that using a natural and holistic approach to building a healthy body may have similar results.

  5. Fertility of PCOS is in some cases easy to achieve. Losing weight and eating 8 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables creates a safe environment for conception. However, the rate of miscarriage appears to be higher in PCOS women and may be related to the impairment of the hormone system.


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