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New More Simple Measure Of Body Fat

Can we all say goodbye to BMI? The waist-to-height ratio may be a better measure of body fat than the body mass index (BMI) used to predict health risks - new research says.

The research team studied 31 studies involving more than 300,000 subjects belonging to various ethnic groups, finding that the ratio of waist and height was far more accurate than BMI or waist circumference in predicting specific health risks - things like hypertension, diabetes and even heart disease.

In other reports, experts took the research to the next step. They report that a 30-year-old man who does not smoke will have a lower life expectancy (up to 14%) if his hip circumference exceeds half his height.

Keeping your waist open is key, and can help many people around the world according to researchers. The good thing about the waist and height ratio is that it can be used in all genders and ethnic groups. Because this method also contributes to different heights, it can be used in any country and anywhere.

In the U.S., the findings are welcome news, as many professionals are dissatisfied with BMI. Other countries, including the UK. Australia, Japan, India and Brazil will also come to support this approach.

Experts recommend that we all take a ribbon step and check your own waist size. Note the ratio between your waist size and your height - your actual height, not that listed on your driver's license or in your 20s.

The problem with more BMI is that it depends on your height and weight, regardless of muscle mass. This means that the BMI of a very muscular person can be classified as obese, although it is clear that weight is not fat, but muscle. The waistline, which is considered to be an increase in BMI, shows how much weight you have around the middle, the most dangerous place in the body for fat, as it increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even some cancers.

To get the size of your waist, place a ribbon around your waist on a belly button and rest on your skin, do not overdo it, and make sure you have the tape at the same place all the way. The measurement you want is the one that eventually meets the beginning band. See ... simple and affordable, though more research is needed to show experts how to use that information.

As a rule of thumb, when assessing your body fat size try to keep your waist less than half your height; you may live longer. Or at least keep your waist size below 60% (0.6) of your height. Even small weight loss can have a big impact. You can do this by eating healthy and balanced foods that are low in fat and sugar, active most days of the week and ensure you get the best night's sleep of all time.


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