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New Book Offers Tools to Achieve "Wellth" - Total Health and Wellness

Glen Alex spends his life for the better for the public, and now, in his new book, Living in Total Health, he offers a balanced and sometimes surprising journey into what is meant to be healthy, rich, and smart — or what has become popular in the health and well-being community as "good". Glen defines this new term as "the sum total of wealth and well-being in good health." Wellt means rich in health - one has reached some physical diagnostic range and has a meaningful or happy life.

The balance is evident in this book as it is not just about exercise or nutrition. Instead, Glen divides the book into three sections: Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, and Mental Wellness. Then each section is broken down into four chapters, including "Moving Your Body" (Physical Wellness), "Being Present" (Emotional Wellth), and "Pressing Down" (Mental Wellness). Each section and chapter is filled with discussions, personal stories to illustrate Glen's eyes, and exercises for readers to become more aware of and practice the topic at hand. Glen went on to explain his goals in the introduction, saying: "The purpose of this book is to offer a different perspective on health, not to ruin information on how to diet, exercise, etc. Living A Life in Total Health is to activate your critical thinking and challenge the approach you take to health if you have not achieved your goals. "

One of the aspects of Living in Total Health that I really appreciate is that Glen constantly reminds us that everything we need is already within us. He didn't ask us to do miracles but to do what we were used to doing. Instead of telling us to do rigid workouts at the gym, he redefined exercise as any activity that requires movement like walking, yoga, or even doing the laundry or washing the dishes. The challenge is to be active. Sure, some people may choose to do more — and that's good — but for most of us, Glen's words of wisdom are a vital reminder of how we can get started.

Glen also explained that we do not have to go out with people to be one size fits all. Each of us has our own body, and as a result, our individual nutritional needs require more than a "patented diet plan." He encourages us to know what foods our bodies respond well to and to find nutritional balance in what we can enjoy and what will not disturb or burn our bodies. The main physical aspects he focuses on include stretching, including when and how to do it, and massage benefits, including massage safety tips to make sure you find a reliable and reliable massage therapist.

In the Emotional Health section, Glen explains the differences between feelings and emotions and how they signal messages to us. Perhaps the most powerful discussion in this section has to do with separating our emotions from others. Glen discusses the importance of setting boundaries with people, including emotional ones. Sometimes we may need to draw a line with someone about how we are treated, but we may also need to draw emotional boundaries that we do not allow ourselves to cross when it comes to taking care of others. While we can sympathize with people, Glen warns us not to wear other people's shoes without words, not to take someone else's emotional baggage.

In the midst of this border discussion, Glen raises the topic of domestic violence, and I think he makes a strong point here about the difference between conscious and unconscious choices. So many male beaters will claim that women's behavior is what drives them to defeat it, but if that is true, why do these men just leave women behind so they can eliminate the frustration of their lives? These people are also unable to feel their anger because the referee will not be rude in public but only at home, proving that people make conscious choices.

In the last section on Mental Wellness, Glen focuses on how poor choices of living affect our mental health and the stability of our majority. At the forefront of mental problems is how stress affects us, and Glen offers tips on how to reduce it. He also helped us rethink our support system, and he introduced the concept of establishing your support system as an effective exercise for better mental health in your life.

Living in Total Health contains more than I can come up with in this short review, and throughout the pages of the book, Glen tells us that, in a similar, yet simple way, he is a good coach. Towards the end of the book, he explains his thoughts on his purpose in life that informs his writing about this book: "I strive to fulfill my purpose to be here on earth, to realize and share my inner gifts with others. Love provides the foundation I need to achieving my goal of becoming the best version of Glen and the reflection of my Creator that I can become. "

We should all strive for the same goal, and we can achieve it. Reading and practicing the principles of Living in Total Health is a good step towards that achievement and a greater sense of happiness and well-being around you.


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