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Neurofeedback - Train Your Brain, It Controls Everything!

Imagine being able to run you or your child from:

  • ADHD

  • learning and behavior problems

  • mental disorder

  • eating disorders

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • PTSD

In the comfort and privacy of your own home; Neurofeedback is a great way to train you and / or your kid's fun, simple, non-invasive, safe and harmless way.

This is a scientifically proven process that uses one or two small sensors in your head that capture real-time brain waves and send them to computers where they are instantly analyzed by software and used to control brain games or DVD screen sizes. So you use your brain power to train your brain ... no hands just brain waves!

How can neurofeedback cure different types of problems?

Your brain is finally in control of everything including your body, everything you do, learn, feel, think and experience affecting your brain.

In many ways the brain seems to be at the end of the causal chain. Therefore, we are told that many things affect brain function:

  • diet

  • thoughts

  • emotion

  • hormones

  • neurochemistry

The truth is, however, that brain tuning also affects all of these things, and in many cases, brain tuning is the problem.

If your brain is not tuned properly then you are not doing your best. Your brain is like a musical instrument, if it is not organized even in a small way it affects performance:

  • mental (focus, memory, understanding)

  • emotions (confidence, motivation, mood)

  • behavior (excessive, inappropriate behavior)

  • physically (poor coordination, hormone imbalance, digestive problems and so on)

You can see that many of the problems we have are just de-tuning, from the outside we call them:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • ADHD

  • learning and behavior problems

  • PTSD

Many stressors can adjust your brain such as:

  • bumps accumulate in the head

  • spine and skull misalignment

  • bumps accumulate in the head

  • toxin

  • chemicals in food

  • medicine

  • medicine

  • electromagnetic pollution

  • bowel disorders

  • shock / trauma

  • long-term pressure

  • aging.

Genetically you inherited the basic personality types and tendencies to adapt in a certain way. It is a combination of these genetic tendencies and the pressures that determine de-tuning patterns are expressed as specific problems and / or diseases.

Some people seem to be more sensitive than others so even if their brain-induced stress is not fully coordinated and requires direct brain training to fully recover.


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