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Natural Parenting, an Innate Desire to Create Healthy and Happy Babies

Within each of us lies an instinct that can be at the center of one of the most important parts of people's lives, parents. Unfortunately many of us have lost this natural and intuitive part. The result is that we raise our children in the same way as the Western community. The reason why you might want to end this cycle is because of this deduction from the Parent to the Child, and from the Parent to themselves, creates, and is an unexpected source of suffering.

This booklet is a summary of concepts based on Parental Instinct. While the booklet details may not be right, or they may not be right for you, they serve as a close, refreshing reminder that will guide you and support you in reclaiming your inner instincts.

"It takes courage to trust your intuition because the people around you don't. The benefits of trusting your intuition are feeling strong, feeling connected to all life, feeling at peace, and creating true success." True success is a feeling of fulfillment and a solution that you may not feel. The outside world may not recognize it, or it may avoid it. In our culture, we usually identify success as someone who makes a lot of money, is famous, or is recognized in the world. By following these practices, your happiness and contentment will increase.

This booklet is mostly a collection of information from various sources. A link to the source is included so you can continue your own research. I have chosen sources that convey a way of life that supports our natural instincts.

What is Parental Instinct?

Many people have an intuitive feeling about us when something is right or wrong in our lives. We have a sense of intuition, which leads us into different life situations. We know sometimes what we want to eat, and sometimes we don't know. Parental instincts are the idea that there are sacred, deep parts of ourselves, that are connected to our nervous system, that are rooted in the DNA structure of our cells, and in the deeper parts of the brain, that know how to raising children. The same instinct is that in mammals, our closest relatives on earth, they naturally know how to raise their young in harmony with Nature. Humans have the same instincts. Although we all have this instinct, some of us live by this instinct. Instinct is a sad feeling, they are a cross between a feeling of energy, and a conscious awareness that permeates the mind and body. When aligned with your inner instinct, your cellular structure resonates with the whole creation. These instincts help us to align with the cycle of life, season, birth and death, and so on.

The main sign of instinct

Parental instinct is a movement towards unity. It seeks unity. It is an energy movement aimed at staying connected and feeling united. It is the energy that seeks and reproduces. She misses and seeks safety, knows the truth, and protects her children at all costs. The best instincts can be described as the feeling of connection in your body, which is accessible when the mind is at rest and relaxed.

Losing a Parent's Life

Our culture is inundated and based on this instinct. Instead of working with Nature, and its principals, we fight with them. We do not walk and feel the earth beneath our feet, we feel the carpet and concrete, and the hardwood floors. When we look at our parents, we don't see this instinct. Many children feel alienated from their parents, or are cut off and so try to move away from them when they are older. As we grow up, and strive to have our own children, we can, without a doubt, always follow our parents' old habits, or we may look beyond ourselves to our culture to decide what to do. What if our culture applies to our children wrong? We see children screaming, children not caring for their mother at the age of 6 months, children being tied to restrictions, children being wheeled in the car.

Many times our children have to resist their desire and comfort to be gathered in car and car seats. Parents then make mental reasons to confine their children instead of feeling the pain and discomfort that is causing their children. There are many things we do not see, women suffering from childbirth, over 150,000 babies are born with birth defects each year, over 27,000 babies die in the first year of their lives. As these babies grow, our cultural priorities are to leave them; we do not give them milk from their mothers but from a factory in plastic bottles, if they are given breast milk, usually for a very short time, we let them cry without entertaining them, we send them to daily care at a young age, as if we prefer others to be their parents.

Many of us are raised in this way, and after years of being treated like objects, or as if our feelings were insignificant, we die and we are cut off by the vibrations of our bodies, our parents' instincts, and finally as our adults raise our children the same way we were raised, or how society proposes.

Return of Life of Parent

For thousands of years, our forefathers have been following a very specific formula for creating and raising children. This formula is not created from the mind or the science, it is a formula encoded in our genetics created by the mysterious power that moves through life. The formula, and not necessarily the best description, is a loving way to connect with life that forces people to follow their nature to live in a peaceful and harmonious way. This way of life, prevents illness, prevents birth complications, and ensures the highest probability that nature will create a healthy and healthy child. This way becomes, also shows children, how to grow up living in harmony with life. A peaceful adult by themselves, who does not harm others because he loves them. And this is to create a sense of unity wherever he goes.

Natural Instincts Make Attendance & Give Life

That Nature intended to fulfill itself. The reason why we created this is because there is a great need in the Western world to begin raising children. When we raise our daughters, reflecting our parenting after the parenting style found in many indigenous cultures, we find that we have no support. Most people, even our families, where in total disbelief the habits of raising our children. Meanwhile, we do not believe in how one can raise their children in a "normal" way. We find it to be an unconscious way of denying the existence of life. The purpose of this paper is to educate you on how we raise our daughters, and eliminate common misconceptions about raising children, in an effort to bring a newer presence to the process. This will not only change your child, it is the key to finding deep fulfillment as a parent.

These practices are life-giving. Many things are written here, you will probably never hear about most of the alternative doctors or midwives. But these ideas are a resurgence, for those of you who want it, a way of leaving a child that nurtures a deep bond and a sense of belonging. In raising children in this way, we bring people to a world that is connected to life. When they are connected to life, they care about nature, about others and the planet. On the other hand, in the sense of giving up on life, we can easily inflict pain or violence on others, and on our planet with little respect for life and not even realizing it. Living in a disconnected way is an unconscious way of life because no one can or should be separated from life, yet many of our child-rearing practices are done in a way that considers our existence separate and the world in which life is associated with suffering.

Inward Wisdom and Listening to your Instinct

What each person needs is different. Often we are easily influenced by what the outside world does. We did not hear the quiet, subtle, powerful voice that came from within. Everything in this booklet is meant to be a reminder of what a voice might tell you. Wisdom is like a flowing river, flowing from within, and all it takes is an ear to hear it. Take the time now, pause and take a break from your usual flow of thinking. Breathe in and out of your nose. Breathing ... Breathing ... When you take a deep breath, you not only release toxins that are derived from cellular metabolic processes, you can also experience a sense of peace, tranquility and inner peace.

This instinct also guides us to healthy eating, raising our children consciously, and avoiding negative practices in the western world. Take this moment as an opportunity to be open to the creative part of yourself that yearns for deeper fulfillment in life.


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