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Muscle Building Foods For Your Ballet Recital Weight Loss

Always eat the muscle builder food on the day before the big ballet celebration. You can lose weight if you need to, but not hungry or damage your muscles, if you know how. High quality protein such as lean meat (fresh, not lunch meat), tuna and salmon, and whole eggs, will ensure your strength during intense preparation.

Even thinner dancers look fat when they see their image in a dance studio mirror before the show. It's almost impossible not to compare yourself to other thinner dancers, or thinner ballerina. Especially if you are wearing body clothes instead of traditional clothing. If you have the kind of body that is at the end of the stock of the spectrum, all of your insecurities and doubts will be triggered now.

So here's the plan. You want to lose weight, or lose weight, but the demands of training and weightlifting require you to maintain your strength. Make sure you have healthy snacks in your dance bag. Peanuts, especially walnuts, are amazing snacks. Almonds too. Don't worry about the fat content, as it will be used quickly. There are many nutritional elements in the beans, too many to list here. Celery is a great snack - celery contains all the mineral salts you lose through work and sweating. Celery also has a lot of water in it, and will help hydrate you. You can fill it with peanut butter, almond butter or cream cheese. Don't worry about calories - you'll dance to them.

Foods to avoid are crackers, muffins, and breads, if you want to lose weight. Carbohydrates are abundant in salads and vegetables. Make sure you eat carbohydrates but choose, for example, strawberries. Zero glycemic load. Carrots, herbs and apples are all high in sugar, but very nutritious, unlike white flour products.


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