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Low Calorie Diet Plan - Expect To Lose 3 Pounds On A Weekly Basis

It should be said openly that a low calorie diet plan is not something that can be done simply because they feel like doing it. People who eat less than their calorie requirements, or have previous medical history should try other ways to lose weight. Those who want to try this method of losing weight should consult their doctor before taking it.

This diet typically contains 1,500 to 1,800 calories daily. People who suffer from obesity or overweight (people with a Body Mass Index of over 30) can try this diet to reduce their weight in a more normal way they should get treatment from their doctor. Adolescents, pregnant women and children, because they need all the nutrition they get from food, should not be involved in this diet plan.

Low calorie diet plans students can expect the most, 3 pounds to lose weight each week. That would be around £ 12 in four weeks or 36 pounds in three months. It is best to have a professionally designed diet plan with low calorie content from nutritionists and not just follow one from the book or the internet as everyone who needs this type of diet needs to address their unique needs.

As part of this diet plan, followers may experience slight changes in their behavior and disposition. They may be irritable or depressed, which is why a doctor or counselor is better able to help someone who is undergoing this procedure to ease their change in behavior.

The adverse effects of a low calorie diet plan include, but are not limited to nausea, fatigue or changes in bowel movements. This side effect is lost because of dieter weight loss.


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