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Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Week - 8 Powerful, Proven Tips For Losing 10 Lbs in Just One Week!

Need to lose weight quickly for an important event? Maybe a wedding, party or "beach" day? In this article I'll show you some proven tips for losing up to 10 pounds in about a week. It's not always easy to lose weight but with the healthy tips below, you should be able to lose at least ten lbs in the next 7 days ...

1. Get focused. Write down your goals (such as "Lose 10 pounds in 7 days through a strict diet and smart exercise"), read a few times a day, and focus all your energy on those goals. This is a proven form of "mental programming" and without this important step you will not succeed!

2. Make a quick detox. Take a 1 or 2 day detox diet. The easy option is quick raw juice, but of course this requires a juicer. Another good option is a 1-2 day raw food diet where you eat nothing but raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Be sure to drink plenty of pure water and herbal tea without sugar (up to a gallon a day for best results). By doing this, you should easily lose one or two pounds, cleanse your body, increase your energy levels, and get in the right mind for serious weight loss decisions.

3. Start doing morning exercises. Each morning, get ready for your workout, and do a 10-30 minute workout centered around cardiovascular / aerobic exercise. Walking speed or light jogging are ideal. This will help boost your metabolism and make you mentally fit for the next day.

4. Eat breakfast rich in protein. Every day (except for your detox days) eat a great breakfast around good protein and carbohydrates (with some healthy fats for good measure). This will help to limit your appetite and make it easier to stick to a strict meal plan throughout the day.

5. Get a paleo diet. The best foods to lose 10 pounds in a week are processed foods that can be hunted or gathered in the wild. These foods, sometimes called "paleo" foods, include: lean meats, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and raw fruits. Your body is designed to grow with these healthy foods and you will be able to lose weight faster and easier on this diet.

6. Cut sugar and starch. I know it's not easy, but for the rest of the week you have to cut out all the sugars and starch from your diet. Definitely no sugar. No fruit juice. Not dear. No grains (including bread, pasta, cereals, etc.). No potatoes. No rice. This simple step will reduce your calorie intake while stabilizing your blood sugar and insulin production, making it easier to burn fat and lose weight faster!

7. Snacks often. Eat snacks rich in protein and / or fiber every 2-3 hours during the day. Also have a piece of fresh fruit or some raw vegetables about 10-20 minutes before your "big" meal. Snacks are one of the best strategies to control your appetite and avoid food cravings that may adversely affect the progress of healthy weight loss.

8. Daily full-body training. The best exercises to burn fat and lose 10 pounds fast are based on full body circuit training. Basically you combine a simple set of strength exercises (e.g., pushups, weight squats, pull-ups, etc.) with higher intensity cardio exercises. This exercise should be kept short (under 30 minutes) and intense to force your body to burn calories, lose extra fat quickly, build and maintain lean muscle tissue, and allow you to lose that extra weight in the fastest way!


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