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How to Lose Weight Without Trying To

If you are interested in losing weight without trying, then you may be surprised to find out, not only possible but also easy to do. You see, weight loss is one of the biggest new year resolutions every year, but few people try to do it for long. Losing weight is just learning how to do it in the easiest way and sticking to what actually works.

You can eat in a thin way. Take a look at Subway's boy poster, Jared, he does it and you can, but there are some guidelines for it to work for you. You see, they never really tell you how Jared actually lost weight, they just want you to eat subway sandwiches. The real solution for weight loss is to double down, eat right and exercise. There are no great views out there, but there are some very important ways to get the most results without really trying.

Recently, Drew Carey lost 80 pounds in a short period of time and he's been a heavyweight for years. So how did he do it? Well, the same process Drew followed is one that almost anyone can do. Eating foods that help promote weight loss and get your heart rate up with simple exercise is a must. The hard part, if any, is to hold on to it and never go back to the way you were putting your weight out of control.

Think of eating this way; did you eat glue? Of course not, but in reality, some foods stick to you in ways that you would not. Therefore, if you know foods that help you lose weight, you must eliminate them from your daily intake and replace them with foods that actually help you lose weight.

Are there foods that help you lose weight? Sure, and they feel good too. Here are some basic steps that can help you on your path to a sustainable and easy weight loss routine and will teach you how to lose weight without trying.

- Don't eat starch (white foods like macaroni, white bread, pasta, potatoes)

- Eat fried foods (fried foods are fats locked in delicious marbles, tastes good but makes you fat)

- Don't eat within 4 hours of sleep

- Do not drink any caffeine (no tea, no coffee, no soft drinks)

- Practice walking at least one mile a day, running fast to get your heart rate up

- Find a partner to do this with you (fun and challenging)

- Don't say or use the word diet (Diet means Do I Eat Today! Oh of course you eat, just eat right)

Learning about foods that really help promote weight loss can be very beneficial to your efforts and the list of foods that you can include in your daily diet is good and good for you. Recharging your life, using healthy and nutritious foods does not mean eating tofu and rice cakes.


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