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Hormonal Migraines and Copper Toxicity

I first learned about the toxicity of copper when I decided to get a mineral mineral test to see if it would help give me any clue as to why I have chronic migraine, especially hormone migraine. Hair analysis is a test that can help diagnose copper toxicity as blood tests do not show what is happening in the body at the cellular level.

Estrogen and Copper.

Excerpt from Dr. Malter: "The Strands of Health".

"One of the most important developments in bio and metabolic chemistry since the end of the second world war involved widespread use of contraceptives in women, due to the close relationship between estrogen and copper and the biochemical system. in the cells and tissues of many women. This is a major contributing factor to the psychological and physical health problems they experience. "

How Copper Toxicity is Related to Hormone Migrants

About a week to ten days before the copper and estrogen levels are relatively high. When hormones change, so does migraine. It's completely automatic, like clockwork. They happened about the exact day of my cycle. As copper has diminished in my body thankfully migraines have also decreased.

Symptoms of Copper Imbalance

• Racing thoughts, Worries

• Attention deficit disorder, Candida Overgrowth

• Migraine headache, Dysmenorrhea

• Autism, Anorexia

• Insomnia, PMS

• Liver dysfunction, Plus more

Copper can affect any organ of the body and usually affects the four major systems of the body. Copper builds up the liver, the brain (where it affects neurotransmitters), the nervous system and the reproductive system of women and men.

Our bodies need copper; it is an essential mineral essential to physical and mental health. However, we need copper in the right level.

Copper Source

Some sources of copper are: home water pipes and hot water cylinders (if copper), copper cookware, copper from dental materials (exposure), vitamin pills, drinking water, fungicides and pesticides in foods, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, appliances intra-uterine copper and birth control pills.

Copper can also build the body as bio copper is not available. This usually contributes to weak adrenal glands. The adrenal glands stimulate the liver to produce ceruloplasmin, a major copper binding protein. If the level of ceruloplasmin is insufficient copper cannot be used by the body and copper builds tissue.

If Zinc is defective, copper is likely to accumulate. Lowland zinc.

Vegetarians tend to eat high in protein and they usually do not eat enough high in zinc.

High copper diet is one that usually includes sesame or sesame seeds.

My Hair Test

My first hair test was SHOWED Copper Level 186.44ppm / Normal Level was 25ppm

This is a very high read. It's actually more than 7 times the normal level and it's off the chart.

Second hair test a year later 164.28 ppm

At this stage I did not detoxify copper because I had disinfected the pharmaceutical drugs and therefore could not do both.

Six months after taking supplements for the copper detox I have another hair test.

Third Hair Test: Copper Level 19.32ppm

There is a huge improvement in my health. However, my hair test still shows that I have hidden copper toxicity. This is very important, your copper level may not show high on tests, but you still have a load of copper. This is where you need a hair analysis professional to interpret the test. It's a bit tricky to read and understand hair tests.

For migraine sufferers, I cannot stress enough how important it is to find the root cause of your migraine. Hair analysis tests show a lot about what happens in the body at the cellular level. It also shows other toxic heavy metals that may cause dysfunction in the body. It also gives us a clear indication of what is happening with the remaining minerals in our body. The balance of minerals in our body has a huge impact on our overall health.

Oxidizing your copper body is a bit complicated and I have some information on it in "Learn to Get Out of Migraine".


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