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Homeopathy Can Stimulate a Sluggish Thyroid

The thyroid gland produces two important hormones to maintain normal metabolism. These are Thyroxine, also known as T4, and Triodothyroxine or T3. Hypothyroidism is an inactive thyroid that affects more than 5% of the population. It is four times more common in women and is most common in men aged 30-65 years. The main function of the thyroid gland is to synthesize, store and release both of these thyroid hormones.

The body produces 90/10 mixtures of these hormones, Thyroxine is dominant, and both are required to regulate body metabolism and other vital functions. Hyperthyroid is a condition where the thyroid spills too much hormone and hypothyroidism when it does not cure enough amount

Well known hypothyroidism is low body temperature with fatigue, weight loss and difficulty losing weight. You may also experience problems with concentration, sensitivity to temperature changes and hair loss. Other symptoms may include constipation, dry skin or hair, fragile nails, feeling cold when others are not, driving low sex, repeated infertility or miscarriage and painful or indefinite periods of menstruation. Also common are fluid retention, yellow palms, high serum cholesterol, thick tongue, prominent eyelashes and tongue fatigue and insomnia.

There are several reasons for the inactive thyroid gland that may include poisoning or poisoning, genetic factors, or pituitary imbalance causing the thyroid hormone to stimulate the thyroid to become too high.

The conventional way of treating thyroid imbalance is by administering synthetic hormone replacement. In more extreme cases, radiation therapy is used to destroy the person's tissue. However, this may have significant side effects.

There are also so-called "natural substitutes", using thyroid tissue from pigs. While these may have lesser side effects, they only cover the underlying problem. Many animal lovers reject animals for making drugs for the human body and reject conventional medicine for better and natural treatment.

Some herbal supplements claim to enhance and restore thyroid tissue through the pituitary gland and others that allow the body to heal itself.

The homeopathy approach stimulates the body to reactivate hormone secretion and restore its natural balance. There are many clinically proven homeopathic remedies that can be used to treat thyroid balance.

Homeopathy is however not a quick fix methodology as it is very individual to everyone. Homeopathy practitioners will spend a lot of time studying the patient's history and developing symptoms related to a holistic picture. They will take into account all aspects of their lifestyle, including diet, likes and dislikes and when people feel better or worse.

The good thing about taking Homeopathic medicines is that when the body's function is cured, the underlying distress is restored to balance the use of the drug. It doesn't make sense to complete a full course like conventional medicine

If you think you may have a sluggish thyroid and do not consult a professional Homeopathic doctor (recommended), you may try taking a homeopathic remedy called Thyroidinum. This homeopathic remedy is made from a small portion of dry goat's thyroid gland. It is recommended that it be taken at 8x potential. This can trigger natural thyroid stimulation to produce two important thyroid hormones


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