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Here We Grow Again!

It's been almost 8 years since I had my last baby Collin, but we have recently decided that we're not done yet and excited to announce that we're pregnant again! I am 14 weeks pregnant and feel better now that I am past the first trimester. I'm not going to lie the first few months of the rough with nausea and vomiting. I've lost almost 10 lbs, but don't worry I'm losing weight and my stomach has started to show up in the last 2 weeks!

I have a lot of different emotions right now! We were excited, a little scared, and overwhelmed all at the same time about having another baby. Over time, it's easy to forget about everything a baby needs - time, energy, equipment, and, of course, hormones! To make room for the baby we decided to add another bedroom, bathroom and do some renovations to make sure our home could accommodate everyone. The boys finally got their own room last year, and to make them share the room again would not be good for anyone! For nine and almost eight years, they enjoyed having their own space and having different interests ... Collin loved all the legos and stuff of Star Wars and Chase into Music and anything related to Science and Art.

When a woman's body starts to change, something happens to you psychologically. You start to feel your body struggling to come back after another pregnancy and a small voice in your head asking, "Can I recover my body or will I be fat forever?" I know that I can recover my body and everything will be fine, but these hormones make me feel a little crazy. The finer things seem to hurt my feelings or get under my skin, like the fact that I seem to be the real talking box of this pregnancy! I can't get that filter to turn on, you know the thing that tells you to "shut up," or "don't say that because it's been too long"!

Among all the common pregnancy illnesses I have a hernia that needs repairing after I have my baby. While this is not the worst thing that can happen when you are pregnant, it certainly makes it difficult to be a personal trainer because I am very limited in how much weight I can take for clients or show training. I'm so thankful to have such a great team to help and I can count on it! I slowly cut back on my training hours and tried my best to respect my limitations while not losing my mind. I'm still focused on the fact that this is short term and that we will have a wonderful "gift" in the end - a new baby!

The good news is that I took this opportunity to focus my efforts on creating a pre-natal training program to compliment mommymovement and I'm really excited about how it works! As you may know, each pregnancy is different and important to respect the newborn's limitations, but studies have shown better time and training during pregnancy. It helps regulate hormones, allows mothers to maintain muscle mass, and can prevent excess weight during pregnancy.


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