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Green Pregnancy: Protect Your Baby From Outside Toxins

Have you heard of the "Green" pregnancy? As a pregnant mother, you may have gone through all the exercises to protect your baby in the womb. Healthy lifestyles, balanced nutrition, proper sleep, positive thinking are some of the steps we take to protect our baby. After doing all this, there are still some external dangers that your baby may face, which you are not aware of. Here goes into the efficacy of "Green" pregnancy.

Katherine Sutherland, from OBGYN Medical Group Women's Medical Specialist in Mountain View, CA said, "Going green is what will save the future environment which, in the long run, is the best thing we can do for our children. couples to raise their awareness of what is important in their lives. They will make many lifestyle changes with their pregnancy and the birth of their children, so it's a great time to incorporate a long-term commitment to the health of our world. "

Therefore, in a simpler language, it is important for every pregnant couple to adopt a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Elizabeth Davis, a Chicago-based chiropractor and acupuncturist, says, "You can't have a sweet, healthy baby if you poison yourself from day to day. It's not a hobby to be green. Life's a way to live without our surroundings. to be toxic, than to be toxic If it's clean, we can expect it to be clean. "And your diet and hygiene play an important role in this.

The unborn baby is completely dependent on his mother's eating habits. What a mother eats provides the baby with nourishment. If the mother's diet contains a large number of chemicals, some may be detected by the placenta. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for organic food products, as there is a lower amount of toxins. Local farmers' markets are also a great place to find fresh fruits and vegetables during pregnancy. Water is a very important ingredient in maintaining your body's hydration during pregnancy. However, instead of tap water, go for distilled water and bottled water to avoid toxins.

It is also recommended to avoid taking fish, as they may be contaminated with mercury, which could prove harmful to your baby. However, it is also true that a pregnant woman needs a significant amount of protein in her daily diet. In this scenario, you can choose vegetarian options such as fresh beans and tofu, which are rich in protein and at the same time safe for the environment. Elizabeth Davis is advised to avoid foods with antibiotics and hormones as well.

In addition to food, there are several other factors that patients need to take care of. One such thing is product cleaning. Avoid products with strong odor of ammonia, which is harmful to the environment and may also affect the lungs. If any of your family members are in contact with AJAX, wash it immediately before penetrating your skin. In addition to all this, Davis advises all pregnant women to get proper rest and exercise and not sit at the computer all day.

Switch to "Green" pregnancy to protect our future. Eat organic foods, use products with fewer chemicals, and pay attention to your sound. This process may be a little more detailed and time-consuming, but it's only for the better gift of your baby's future.


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