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Getting the 8 Pack Abs You Dream About

In the past it was all about losing a big stomach and getting a flat stomach, well that didn't change. Every man at one stage or another in his life has wanted, hoped for or even tried to get that flat stomach hard 6 pack abs. Some guys get 6 packs but some guys train their abs all the time and still don't get 6 packs.

So I'm here to tell you that you can get 8 packs if you do simple exercises the right way and you mix in a good diet there. First and foremost I would say since Twilight everyone wants Lautner 8 packs, but the reality is not everyone meant to have 8 packs, maybe your genetics allow 6 packs or 4 pack allocation. Many bodybuilders and fitness models are trained hard and don't get 8 packs but get the middle ground we want.

So, let's get down to business, if your diet consists of just eating and junk food then your chances of getting this mid-section are very slim unless you're genetically weird, no matter how much you exercise. Second, you need to treat your abs like any other muscle in your body when it comes to your workouts, your abs need to rest so that training is not good for proper growth and recovery. In addition to training your abs, other exercises also stress your core so that you indirectly train your abs as you change exercises like heavy lifting. You need to drink lots of water because it is important to build muscle and recovery as you need to replace the water you lost during your training and because your body is made up of most of the water you need for your body to recover and increase your blood volume because your blood carries all the essential nutrients that your body needs.

Now down to a bit of practice, I will tell you a little bit of secrecy, all ab exercises work for a certain amount of time but after a few seconds of repeating the same ab exercises within the same rep range, your body will get used to it and no longer feel it needs to grow more and thickening, so you reach the plateau even with abs. All you have to do to get a decision is to have two days a week dedicated to training abs or blends with one of your exercises that don't take up too much of your energy and do 3 sets of 25 crunches or sit-ups until next week, set or number reps to keep your body from getting used to it. You need to exercise until failure to drive growth. And on a 2-day training day, you can do foot hikes, jacknives, boards or any number of other exercises that increase your intensity each week. Each week, you can change your combinations to keep your muscles guessing and growing.

The important thing is not necessarily what you do, but whether it tests your limits and you change them every now and then. And oh before I forget to add some intense cardio to burn belly fat.


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