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Female Hair Loss Can Be Reversed

The problem of "hair loss" is not only affecting men, 70% of women also experience some loss of time in their lives, rarely resulting in complete "hair loss," but can cause the woman to experience anxiety, anxiety and stress. There are definitely things you can do to stop or alleviate this problem, which is simply the awareness of all the issues related to hair loss, simply put: educate yourself on the subject. You don't have to be an expert, but just read about the problem.

Possible reasons:

There are many possible causes: stress is a major cause, such as hormonal changes. Hormone imbalance is another possible cause, dysfunction of the thyroid can lead to hair loss. Women are more likely to experience hair loss after pregnancy, which is quite normal due to the high levels of hormones during pregnancy, and after you give birth to hormones that can cause hair loss, this will stop when your hormones settle into their pre-pregnancy stages.

Using a combination of "hair products" can cause thinning hair, but using it properly, some "hair loss treatments" can help. Also, some "hair dye" can cause hair loss. The "chemical hair relief" (straightening) used with "curly hair" can be harmful to your "hair health". For healthy "hair growth" just stay away from harsh chemicals.

Some medicines can also be responsible.

There are several medications that can cause hair loss in women. Some of the medications known to cause problems are: anti-depressants, birth control pills, chemotherapy of course, some blood thinners and vitamin A in excess. Although Estrogen, sometimes prescribed to treat hair loss, has been implicated, it has led to its loss. When estrogen levels are too high, estrogen dominance may occur and one of the symptoms of estrogen dominance is hair loss, so the antidote can worsen the original problem.

Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency is not a direct cause of hair loss, but it can affect hair formation. Low levels of Vitamin C cause the keratin plug to form and block hair, leading to low iron which can directly cause hair to thin out.

Vitamin C deficiency leads to scurvy, sub-clinical scurvy can be the main cause of hair loss - taking 2,000 to 5,000 mg of ascorbic acid daily in the same amount to restore your Vitamin C system levels to normal, may cause your hair loss problem to disappear soon.

Mineral deficiency

Calcium and magnesium imbalances can also contribute. Furthermore, deficiencies in these minerals include the "zinc" effect of zinc. This mineral deficiency can cause hair loss.


Hair thinning can be an early sign of illness, it is important to consult with your Doctor if you have a hair loss.

Loosing hair in a woman usually repairs itself. If you are pregnant, you may not need to worry; your body will return to normal. If you cannot find a reason for your hair loss, consult with your healthcare provider to avoid possible illness.

Healthy "hair growth" comes from healthy foods that include: omega 3 fats, dark green vegetables, legumes, nuts, eggs, cereals, carrots and low-fat dairy products. So you see, with a little bit of internet, or E-Books, you have a good chance of successfully managing your hair loss problem and saving you money.


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