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Fecal Body Odor - 5 Top Cures to Try

Fecal body odor is a terrible issue and very stressful for those who have it. Contrary to popular belief, it's not a simple matter of bad hygiene. As those who are against this issue will tell you, we can take a full bath, scrub every part of ourselves, step out of the bathroom, dry, and still have have an unpleasant odor about ourselves. It is enough to drain one's self-confidence, and send many into depression. This is why finding a cure for this problem is very important for those suffering.

Many people with these early fetal body odors know this, but if it is not already evidence for you, I will state it here: cover this odor will not work. There is no prayer, body wash, perfume, cologne, after shave, shampoo or any kind of product that will correct the body odor. If you try to cover it with something (or something similar), do good and stop wasting money on the product. This is almost always an internal problem, and can only be solved by a product or process that treats the problem internally. The five most successful treatments are as follows:

5. Herbs: Cayenne and goldenseal are the most recommended herbs for combating body odor, and some people with body odor have reported excellent results to them, separately and in combination. Try goldenseal yourself first, and if that doesn't produce measurable improvements, add cayenne too (be sure to buy commercially available cayenne supplements, but some have made the mistake of preparing themselves, and studying hard seeds may be toxic). Most people respond well to goldenseal and cayenne, though it is not recommended to take a long period. However, by adding these herbs it may be possible to restore balance to your system, allowing you to eventually stop using them. Please also note: if you are allergic to rubber milk, bananas, kiwi, chestnuts or avocados, you can also react negatively to children.

4. Chlorophyll Tablet: Chlorophyll is a pigment that gives their plants a green color, and chlorophyll tablets are only made from these extracted pigments. Although chlorophyll alone, in rare cases, is sufficient to treat this problem, most people report that chlorophyll tablets produce a significant reduction in unpleasant odors when used in conjunction with other products and processes.

3. Zinc Supplements: Again, there is usually no solution by itself, but in combination with other methods zinc is reported to bring visible relief to the body's odor. If you choose to try this type of supplement, however, be sure to buy a zinc supplement that also contains doses of copper. This will prevent zinc from lowering your copper to an unhealthy level (which can contribute to anemia and unwanted side effects).

2. Probiotics: This is a popular product currently said to restore normal bowel movement. However, what the fecal body odorists know, is that its use can also help alleviate the symptoms from which they suffer. Probiotics work by restoring balance to your "gut fauna", which is a great way to tell the bacteria and other organisms that live in your gut. When these organisms are out of balance, their waste products can have horrible odors and they, because they are contained in your body, must find a place to escape, leading to not only body odor, but also unpleasant bloating. Probiotics come in many forms, from yogurt to capsules to tasty beverages, so there is definitely a type that suits you.

1. Colon Cleansing: This is a common treatment for many diseases, including bowel syndrome, obesity and various types of toxicity, including those that can cause your body to smell. There are two types of colon cleansing: diet and hydrotherapy. It is recommended that you want to try a colon cleanser that you consult with your medical practitioner so that you can do so safely. Usually, however, it involves certain types of fasting, as well as the intake of certain foods and high-fiber juices, as the fiber has the effect of "sweeping" the rest of the food from the intestinal tract, such as a broom. Colon hydrotherapy must be done by professionals trained with special equipment, and using water to remove toxins directly from the colon.


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