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Fat Burning Soup - My Best Recipe For Losing Weight And Looking Great FAST

Delicious and filling fat burning soups are one of the best ways to get down and get a quick flat tummy without having to starve or spend days on a treadmill.

Asian moms have a variety of soup recipes for this purpose, I can't tell you how many of them were my 4 siblings and I when my kids were growing up in Taiwan ... and they worked like crazy.

Today I am going to give you a gift, one of my favorite fat burning soup recipes I use in my local weight loss class with students who want to lose weight fast without throwing away bad food!

Fat Burning Soup - The Asian Skinny Way

There are so many different combinations of fat burning in the market today that it can be confusing and exciting to cut out nonsense and find the best solution. Mostly pre-packaged as powder and loaded with artificial preservatives and chemicals, there is NO way to lean in a natural and healthy way.

And while you won't learn ALL the fat burning soup recipes used by Asian women to get lean (even after pregnancy) from just one article online, you CAN take some great tips to get you started:

1. Follow my list of fat burning soup ingredients carefully - Continuing on this list of key points, don't make it like this all critical to your metabolic rate being improved:

- 1 to 2 x Red Tomato Cans

- 2 x Green Peppers

- 1 x Head of Cabbage

- 1 x Tea Spoon Each Rosemary, Parsley, Tarragon and Sage

- 3 x Garlic cloves (normal size, chopped)

- 1 x Big Red Onion

- 2 x Oats Standard Shitake Mushrooms

- 1 x Hot pepper (don't worry, you won't feel it but it's important for weight loss)

- 1 piece 3 inches of Kombu Seaweed (this can be hard to find, skip if you can't find anything)

- 1 x Vegetable Bouillon Cube

- 1 x Special Celery Seeds

- 1 x Sprinkle extra olive oil

2. Prepare the magic fat burning soup in the following ways -Cut everything into bite-sized pieces, and throw everything into a simple pot. Add water until completely submerged, and then cover with lid.

Bring everything to a boil, and let it sit for 10-12 minutes. Then lower the temperature (simmer) and continue to cook until the vegetables are nice and tender (it usually takes another 10 minutes to boil).

I have students lose more than 5 pounds a week just by replacing the right fat burning soup for what they usually eat at dinner, but it also makes for a great lunch if you're traveling or working and have to endure fast food runs.

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