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Excess And Deficiency - The Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Use In Creating A Love Filled Life

Advantages and disadvantages

Q: What does the word "benigna" mean?

A: Benign is what you will be after you are eight

Discard any theory. Send all your knowledge to the wind. Leaving your religion, your intellect and your ego. Fall to the truth in two simple words, advantages and disadvantages.

Too much and too little. The whole universe is divided into two. Too much and too little. When too much is taken, If too few, some are returned. This is the paradise and flow of life, the universe, and how it has changed.

When we see that we have too little, we reach for it. When we realize we have too much we reject it. Ahhh, we're forever in the recession and the flow, the excess, the shortage. Too much - too little.

Too much aggression, not enough peace. Too much global warming, not enough environmental awareness. Too much alone time, not enough romance. Too much giving is not enough. Too much work is not enough home. Too much greed isn't good enough. Too much hard work is not enough. Too much food is not enough. All of these add up to zero games because no one really gets the truth /

For every advantage there is always the same disadvantage. So, too much aggression is associated with it, too much peace. Too much global warming has been associated with excessive global cooling. Too much single time has been associated with it too much time is spent with others. Etc. You don't have to do anything.

People who don't believe, take control. They're emotional. They become reactive because they lose their trust in nature, or God or man. These people want to fix things because they see more or less. Too much - too little.

We really like this. Not fine. We're not as soft because we're emotional. This is the cause of all diseases. Advantages and disadvantages. The body gets too much from one thing and not enough from another. This is all the healing of the east is summarized. Advantages and disadvantages - In Tibetan healing - excessive wind, these excessive fires and other causes of poor health. In ayurvedic (India), the advantages and disadvantages are at the heart of all healing.

If you suffer from long-term pain, it's because one muscle pulls one way and another pulls back for too long. There is excessive strength in one muscle and in the other deficiency. Emotions also enter the muscle tissue and cause bone and joint problems. That's why yoga balances the body, pushes the muscles pulled, pulls the muscles that push. Provides body balance between advantages and disadvantages.

In a business where there is a cultural change program, it may create some of the value that the company wants. This is called excessive because those values, such as religious values, encourage good behavior, and bad behavior. Then there's more saying "time management" and less saying "creative innovation"

Naturally, where I am in the hands of love, there are advantages and disadvantages as well. The river will not flow into the sea without excessive pressure on one side, seeking equilibrium (lack) on the other. Contrary to what one might think, nature has never found equilibrium. No, he is always looking for balance, but if nature finds balance, we will all die.

It is the pursuit of balance, mobilizing those strengths, mobilizing deficits to balance the causes of life. Without this there would be no wind, no movement in the ocean to feed the fish, not shake the leaves. So, nature has never been in balance, she has been searching, rather than seeking and seeking it again.

In our society, like America, for example, we see trends and fashions and cultural norms that are redundant and balanced by the shortcomings elsewhere. To a politician that is a local issue, to a law student, it is always much more than that. My students see and they see that there is a solution to every problem and situation, and it is accomplished, not by change, but by gaining a bigger perspective. Rising above emotions.

If Americans overdo it, eat burgers, cakes, drugs, make up formulas, and I'm not criticizing this, there will be a place, automatically on earth in short supply. So, maybe Africa. What you may know is that it is always about finding the right balance. So, you could say the world trade center is not about Islamic terrorism, but more about balancing the surplus and the shortcomings.

Advantages are never measured in quantity. Someone with a billion dollars doesn't make much unless they are humble about their gift. We must recognize our own power and be thankful for it, so that it will not result in compensation in our own lives. For example; if one is given more love than they feel they deserve, then they will overreact, and others will suffer and compensation will occur.

There is a mathematical formula that exposes the deeper meaning of these advantages and disadvantages. It's called the "Golden Purpose" you can Google and you'll find the strongest insights. They separated the meaning of gold, from the gold number and the gold part. This shows you how specialization leads to extinction. Philosophers, mathematicians and art students see their "Golden Ratio" as unique. You are a natural law student. You rise from this fragmented teaching in an encyclopedia written by neophytes and you "SEE"

If you grow your business faster than the minimum of gold, this is called excessive and will lead to a decrease in deficit. If you draw, paint a building - or make a book cover and the proportions are in golden shortage, you will cause the word "ugly" - the style of waiting. This is why your haircut and style can affect your beauty. It changes the proportion of your face. There is a sacred geometry that, like all the universe, lowers the ratio of golden meanings. (Pythagoras is one of my great masters. This golden purpose is his study of life and the way he builds and understands the whole universe, including sacred music)

Your heart is open to the proportions of gold. Some people automatically understand this and others are always "planning" things. Great artists and designers are actually mathematicians, they use their eyes, not calculators, but ratios, symmetry, proportions and sequences of perfection are their size.

It's more about seeing the family in this dynamic play house. If dad worked over, over, one child would become lazy. If the mother works, the other child will become lazy. Advantages cause shortcomings. If Dad is in the wrong job, one of the kids will be the focus of the cause. If a parent gets stuck in the house cleaning, someone will be lacking in the topic, and not care.

One lover wants commitment, another wants freedom. Then, if the lover of freedom suddenly wants commitment, the other partner will want to wait, or postpone, to avoid the commitment. If you are single and are partying and are looking for love, lovers, lovers, rejections, rejections (shortcomings)

Therefore, problematic problems cause more and more shortcomings. The aggressive cause is passive. The advantages and disadvantages of describing all life. Each step. Nothing was missed. Stupid people are trying to fight to make ends meet, but other than the fashion and social trends that make money marketing the transitional brand, we are smarter to raise the extra money and hold bigger goals.

There is no global warming that global warming will not follow. People who fight global warming are part of that compensation, they are part of nature just like those who cause warming. There is no island. We are all part of the ups and downs of flow. People who lose their faith think they are causing the tide. People who have an open heart and can love, can see that they are just part of something much bigger. It's called inspiration.

When you sit on a mountain in Nepal, you see it. You look at your small perspective on city life, improving, balancing, overdoing it and experiencing a shortage. The chemicals are also changing. Acidity is excessive, and alkalinity is lacking. And just like aggressive entrepreneurs (acids) and rebirths of spiritual rebirths (alkali) instead of committing suicide with good health by grabbing one or the other, you can understand both. This is called perspective. Larger perspective.

Someone who can't get perspective is part of the problem. A leader who cannot gain perspective and see the advantages and disadvantages of their own company, they will struggle to make more (surplus) or reduce problems (deficiencies) when there are really advantages and disadvantages, they don't need to do nothing, except to see them both.

In relationships, I watch people make really bad judgments all the time. They say to their beloved "you are too much" like, you do too much, or too much. They also tell their loved one that you are "in want" that you are not doing enough, and that you are not doing enough. Now people in that relationship are part of their relationship problem because they are in compensation for their spouse. From this perspective both of them will fail - which means they fall into the normal situation (which seems like most people would expect).

There are two things you want to keep in mind for your day. The first is that the things you want to change in your lover are actually compensation for the things you love. Let's say you tell your loved one, "you have to balance" now that they are in a lack of training and diet control. But when you talk to a friend you say "oh my partner is so good for the kids, he comes home from work and plays with the kids and we put them to sleep" There is a lack of health control, and an excess in the family dynamic. Stupid people will think they can control the universe. Inspired individuals will see that they are, in essence, overly dynamic and lacking.

The second thing you may notice about your loved one, and the person in your life, is that you are compensating for them. Say you're with your girlfriend and they're overweight because they don't exercise and don't eat well at work. You need to look at your part in this dynamic and see if you are in a disadvantage, balancing the benefits. We were quick to judge our partner for being lazy, when we were working aholic. We are very quick to judge our lovers of success when we finally pass our exams.

Stupid people think they can paint the world in a color that eliminates diversity. But if you really are a student of the law of nature, you will find that the more people (say success) the more people, not always their loved ones (getting less). This is the power of nature.

If you've been around the same friends for years, you may find, every time you fall in love, or succeed, one of your friends becomes jealous, or suffers and begins to want to sabotage your achievements. This is the most common thing I've seen in relationships and businesses. When a friend holds an old friend when they enter a new relationship, one will want to destroy the new relationship, as it makes them feel less.

In business too. Friends can be jealous of successful people, and start giving advice or intentionally trying to squeeze some success into their own pockets to compensate for their perceived deficiencies. This is where the laws of nature are very important in your life. You cannot empower those around you. This is called many things but the strongest thing to call it is sad blood.

You can work with your heart to build some great love relationships, so, your girlfriend starts talking about going out late at night, and even if she's married, maybe taking the blokes at the pub. He is actually lacking in your new love and his unconscious mission is to bring you down to balance his shortcomings.

This is not bad, and we don't even have to judge our friends for the lack they feel. We simply cannot force it, or unwittingly follow its advice, and end up fighting the most important person in our life, our beloved. If you over exaggerate your lover you may also suffer from deprivation If your nightlife with your girlfriend is a threat, and she thinks you are having a great time with her, she may experience a shortage around you. Then all of a sudden you say "why don't you love me anymore?"

I was in a relationship once and we were so happy. Then my mother, single and unemployed, made many excuses to enter her daughter's life. My girlfriend can't see the mother in need, and is afraid that her overweight daughter (relationship) will leave her alone in the world (we're talking 50 years old here)) It's not bad, we can't judge mom , but to authorize, or as I say "buy" the goods is not good. My girlfriend did, and our relationship sank to maternal level. This is how your family, friends and well-meaning people sabotage your life.

People are not jealous, they just get it. If they see you, in their perception of the advantage or see themselves in the disadvantage, they act, consciously to equalize the difference. Just like nature. If anyone thinks they are getting the end of the woodwork, they act accordingly, and the places they go to get compensation is incredible and complex.

That's why we learn to distinguish it. We must accept that people will feel inadequate. That's the life cycle. They are lacking in one area, as you know, because they are in excess in another. They're unbalanced. They may not have the perspective to see that they are overdoing the area, but you can. Then you don't empower them, and you direct their search for compensation elsewhere. (if you choose)

When you tell someone you love them, it's a miracle pill for them, especially because they are lacking (in their perspective) before you say "I love you" so they are happy, because we are always trying to compensate for the shortcomings. But after a couple of weeks if you keep saying "I love you" then they will go over and start wanting again. They are lacking, and they want more, so they are uncomfortable and create a cause, becoming deficient again.

To be comfortable with the advantages of your life, you need to be comfortable with putting others at a disadvantage. If you are uncomfortable with other people's shortcomings, you will save people and tell them you love them when you are not or you will eat a monkey banana and make them dependent. To stay more than one in your life, you also need to be comfortable with the shortcomings in some areas of your life.

Such hard work means less time. Work advantage, lack of free time. Excessive love life, less work. Excessive contact time, poor health time. You can't get the balance. Nature has never reached equilibrium. It's more about honoring change that makes a difference.

Let's say two kids play and one parent thinks their child is lacking, not getting a good break, or even that the parent is afraid that the child will have a rough time as they do, so the parents start to go into overdrive child. They protect more, they give more. They think that more compensation for the child will cure the child, making them happy where the parents are not but instead they are raising the problem that they are worried about.

Let's think about it. Children are always provided, so children must have shortcomings, to compensate for excess. So even if the parents balance, the child really feels like the parent feels, raped. While this may sound more like a jumbo jumbo blab of a new age blab, it's actually quite repetitive. Emotions are caused by sensations of advantages or disadvantages. Reality is caused by stepping back from something and seeing that both advantages and disadvantages exist. Emotions cause reactions, reactions are the cause of our unhappiness. Love is a perspective of strengths and disadvantages, in ourselves, and in others. Fashion is a reaction. Trend is fashion.

Do not be afraid of perceptions of excess or deficiency. Always step away from any situation so you can see both. In the office looking for more workers, and the workers below, look second, know the perfect balance, do not react. It's leadership. Recognize that all illnesses come from excessive perceptions and deficiencies and that all our behaviors come from them. Only two words make the whole universe look so easy, and predictable.

Wine gives you a lot of headaches

It's not enough, it makes you tired

Too much health makes your heart happy

And too much happiness creates emptiness for sure

Too much tenderness turns children into sex

Too much violence turns a child into an insatiable greed

Too much lovin makes a soul cry

And not enough around us to sleep.

An advantage means more than what we value

Weakness means less than what we value

Strangely enough, both can exist in one heart

Live with passion

And no



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