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Enhance Your Sensual Awareness For Better Health

Our five senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch - are a precious gift of life. When we ignore or suppress our body's sensual message, our sensual response decreases.

We feel more stressed, more easily offended, and we recover from the disease more slowly. However, when any of our senses stop functioning, when we are in a state of fear or excitement, all of our senses of work become more responsive. With a little practice, we can bring sensual awareness into our daily lives and into our most intimate relationships. By paying attention to our intimate partners with all our senses, we become more connected and more aligned, often leading to love, pleasure and joy in their presence.


It has been said that our eyes are the window to our souls. Our eyes observe the beauty, color, shape and movement of nature. Through our eyes, we can create or break relationships with others. Through our peripheral vision, we anticipate movements, such as sports, or places that are approaching danger. Even without our awareness, our eyes detect the attitude and emotional state of others. The baby will respond negatively to delay the mother's visual attention. Our eyes see more than just physical appearance. Through the eyes of love, we can see the inner beauty that lies within each of us just waiting to be acknowledged and appreciated.


Sound warns us of danger or joyous promise. A mother's heartbeat consoles and lulls the baby to sleep. The soothing cat sounds calm us and make us smile or surprise us if we are afraid of cats. A barking dog protects us, if we own it, or it can scare us if we are strangers. The voices of our lovers cheer us with passionate sentiments or reject us after unpleasant quarrels. Certain sounds make learning easier. Other sounds, through rhythmic rowing, help our bodies recover. Sound in the environment or derived from our lover enhances or interferes with sexual desire, stimulation, orgasm or overall sexual pleasure.


Healthy people can detect from 10,000 to 30,000 different aromas. However, each of us has our own unique scent, whether it's a community, culture, ethnic group, experience, memory, or part of the world in which we live. Memories triggered by odors tend to be more emotional than other sensory signals. Some bad memories of victims or victims of sexual abuse are due to their sense of smell. On the other hand, the aroma of freshly baked cookies or baked ovens can warm our hearts, instantly reminding us of the happy, happy times of our childhood. Our beloved aroma or natural body odor can stimulate our longing to reconnect.

Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., author of the book, Scentsational Sex, conducted a study to find out what specific aromas are causing sexual arousal in men and women. For men, the aroma of the combination of lavender and pumpkin pie shows the most measurable stimulation, improves blood flow to the penis, while liquid and donuts and sweet bread also have a stimulating effect. But the arousal in men increases in response to every odor being tested. Not so for women. Causes for women, measured by an increase in vaginal blood flow, are the highest in response to good smells, licorice candy, or licorice Allsorts and cucumber combined, but are also influenced by the combination of lavender and pumpkin pie. Finding the most aromatic scent for our partner and ourselves, we can create a sensitive environment that is praised for increasing sensual desire and enhancing sexual pleasure.


I think the taste may be more accurate than we realize. The French expression, chacun à son gout - for each taste, describes it well. Humans, in fact, genetically, culturally and individually differ in their ability to perceive food taste. Scientists have categorized people into super-tasters, tasters and non-tasters, based on the number of fungiform papillae, the taste-like structure, on their tongues. About 25% of the population looks great, 25% are not tasters, and 50% dance. Women are more likely to become super-taster, especially when estrogen is at its highest during ovulation or pregnancy. Super-tasters tend to be more sensitive to bitter compounds in broccoli and other vegetables or to bitter aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. No taster seems to have this bitter taste. Knowing our partners' unique capabilities, we can provide appetite-inducing foods, we can play sensual food games together, or we can enjoy their own essence.

Touch it

Touch, even with the sole intention of touching it, can affect the health, endurance, texture and response of our skin and internal organs. How our skin responds to touch is determined by many factors: touch quality, genetic makeup, gender, health status, previous touch experience, individual pain and pleasure threshold, as well as our perceptions, beliefs, and memories. Even light touch on our skin can have profound effects on pleasure, pain, irritation, or anxiety. Everyone responds very differently to touch, and we respond in different ways to the same touch at different times and with different people. Touch therapy can reduce our pain and physical pain, while somatic body psychotherapy can improve our overall health and well-being.


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